CCAA “Adopts” Hand-carved Wooden Carousel Horse for Posterity

July 29, 2014
Carousel Horse CCAA

Lord Baltimore on display at the La Plata Town Hall during ArtsFest

The Charles County Arts Alliance (CCAA) is pleased to announce that it is the proud “parent” of one of the beautifully hand-carved wooden horses of the Southern Maryland Carousel Group! On May 3, 2014, we officially “adopted” Lord Baltimore, a very handsome steed depicting the Maryland State flag with emblems of the Calvert and Crossland families. The “adoption papers” were completed and first announced publicly during our CCAA Annual Membership Meeting and Reception held at the Waldorf West Library.

CCAA Bottom Left

Southern Maryland Carousel Group President Burkey Boggs congratulates CCAA President Robert Rausch on the “adoption.”

Arts Alliance President Robert Rausch presented a check to Burkey Boggs, President of the Southern Maryland Carousel Group, and noted that the total “adoption” cost of $6,000 would be paid over a three-year period. We were then surprised and delighted to learn that our very own Lord Baltimore had been selected to serve as the “lead horse” – the leader of the pack – for the planned carousel!

The Southern Maryland Carousel Group was founded in 2004 by Boggs and a group of highly skilled traditional woodcarvers in our region. Their nonprofit organization’s mission is to create a full-scale working reconstruction of the beloved wooden carousel that was located at the turn-of-the-century Marshall Hall Amusement Park on the Potomac River in Charles County. This amusement park was extremely popular across the entire Southern Maryland region and with Washington, D.C. residents before the park closed in the 1960’s.

The Southern Maryland Carousel Group to date has carved a total of 52 horses and other animals, along with a set of unique wooden plaques of “famous heads” of Charles County and Maryland historical figures. Once completed, the reconstructed carousel will be housed in an enclosed building that will also offer traditional woodcarving classes. The final site location for the reconstructed carousel is to be determined.

CCAA Bottom Right

From left to right, CCAA Past President Diane Rausch, carousel carver Melvin Williams, CCAA President Robert Rausch, Southern Maryland Carousel Group President Burkey Boggs, CCAA Board Member Shane Seremet and CCAA Vice President Gale Kladitis display the check presented to the Southern Maryland Carousel Group.

Feel free to stop by and check out Lord Baltimore the next time you are in La Plata! He is located in the atrium lobby of the new Courthouse.

The Charles County Arts Alliance is extremely pleased to contribute funding to this very worthy project, to help ensure that this increasingly rare folk art of traditional woodcarving is passed on to future generations to appreciate and enjoy!

The mission of the Charles County Arts Alliance (CCAA) is to stimulate, promote, encourage, and provide recognition of the arts and the creative spirit. Founded in 1987, the CCAA promotes ALL the arts in Charles County: music, visual art, drama, dance and literature.