Calvert’s Green Expo Deemed A Success

April 30, 2012

For Calvert’s fourth Green Expo the weather was perfect with mild temperatures and no rain. There were extensive exhibits all along the circle at Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center. There were people walking around and stopping at various exhibits to talk to the experts on the subject of how to” Go Green”. Mark Willis, Calvert County Department of Public Works and a member of the Green Team, said there were 75 people through the gate as soon as they opened.

As the day progressed, the crowds continued to grow. Approximately 75 participants had exhibits on everything from recycling to solar panels along with pamphlets and literature on the various ways to help the environment. There were even goats to help by eating the weeds and underbrush and no pollution as with a lawn mower. There were food vendors with local products along with wineries. And last but not least there were exhibits especially for the youngsters.

Inside the Arts Center there were exhibits on art made from recyclables and you could even make a blossom from a recycled bottle. There were many displays from the schools in Calvert, from the elementary to the high schools. Master Gardeners gave presentations on Baywise Gardening, Magical World of Butterflies and Plants to Attract Them, Pollinator Power and Backyard Composting Tips.

Everyone coming in received a bag, a survey sheet, and the booklet “From My Backyard to Our Bay”. There were tips inside the booklet from caring to your septic system to making sure your vehicle is properly maintained. Also environmentally friendly cars were there to see such as the Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid and the Highlander Hybrid.

There were door prizes given away throughout the day from various venders and the ticket was free. As Mark Willis stated “It was bigger and better than our previous ones and the crowds are larger than in the past. All in all I would say it is a success”.

Margit Miller/Staff Writer/Editor


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