Let the ‘Slopedoctor’ Work his Magic on Your Next Construction Project

May 1, 2012

Bobby Unkle has been in the excavating business for over 30 years and knows there is nothing in the business he can’t accomplish – so much so, his coworkers and fellow contractors have dubbed him the ‘Slopedoctor.’

Unkle’s company, JBM & Sons Excavating, LLC has seen it all during its time working on road projects, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, building pads, ditches for both commercial and residential drainage needs, pools, roads, ponds and more. “The guys gave me the nickname, the Slopedoctor back when we were building Rt. 2 and 4 down to Solomons a few years back,” said Unkle. “They would run into a grading project that couldn’t figure it out and we would get the task completed. The name just stuck – call the ‘Slopedoctor’ he can figure this out.’”

When asked what is favorite project is to work on, Unkle stated that he loves to build riding arenas. “They are the best and where I can get creative while producing an excellent arena for my customers to enjoy.”

Like most construction companies, the past few years have been tough due to the sagging economy, but JBM & Sons has managed by being able to accomplish construction and grading projects that other companies can’t or won’t do. “You tell me what you want, and we’ll figure out how to do it – legally, with permitting, quality work and an aesthetic end result,” said Unkle.

To see a video of Unkle in action and to learn more about JBM & Sons Excavating visit his Web site – www.jbmexcavating.com.

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