Immigration Policy in the USA

June 27, 2012

Message from Tony O’Donnell, Nominee for Congress Fifth District of Maryland


Yesterday the United States Supreme Court released the decision on Arizona v. the United States. I encourage you to read the decision for yourself, particularly be sure to read Justice Scalia’s decision.

As you know Arizona passed its law as a reaction to the federal government’s failure to secure the border. As a border state, Arizona is on the frontline of dealing with violence, drug cartels and human trafficking. Arizona voters support the law and the Court affirmed the right of Arizona and other states to enforce already existing federal immigration law.

The Obama administration and Congress must focus on securing the borders and dealing with this serious issue rather than suing states that are struggling to clean up the federal government’s mess. Today we have the technology to provide a secure border; we just need the will to do it.

Additionally, the Obama administration needs to enforce the immigration laws already in place. Earlier this month the President and his allies who have ignored border security for years overturned our laws, usurped Congress’s constitutional authority and granted amnesty to nearly one million illegal immigrants who have been living illegally in the United States while other law abiding individuals patiently wait their turn to come to America legally.

Legal immigration is a powerful engine of growth, and made our nation exceptional in the world. It’s time the federal government and Congress secure our borders first, enforce existing laws, then have a discussion on legal immigration.

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2 Responses to Immigration Policy in the USA

  1. Really Tony on June 27, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Tony, please, indulge us. How did the President overturn our laws and usurp the constitutionality of Congress. Please, elaborate. And what? No cry of ‘activist judges’ coming from the Republicans on this? Maybe, just maybe, if Congress stops cutting the budgets of federal agencies (like Homeland security), then they could Hire more agents and Secure our borders. Oh, but the Republicans think that Feds are overpaid and the government is too big. So, how do you propose then to secure our borders. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. I also notice that you don’t propose any solutions, other than to do what should be done. All fluff and no direction.

  2. Anonymous on June 27, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Your question:
    How did the President overturn our laws and usurp the constitutionality of Congress?

    The Answer:
    By stopping the deportation of young illegal aliens who illegally entered the United States as children if they meet certain requirements. Oh and President Obamas’ age range for this is 16 to 30…I hardly see half of these as ‘young’.

    How would you prove a 30 year old illegal alien had been attending school for the last 5 years anyway? Forgive me for digressing into facts and details.

    Your other question:
    So, how do we then to secure our borders?

    You ‘cartoon character'(!)…Implementing their own policies (laws) to verify legal citizenship during routine questioning by law enforcement, the State of Arizona is supplimenting the federal law enforcement agencies…saving the country money by not having to bring in more employees.

    I know, you just want the ‘bad ones’ sent home. Guess what? Even the ‘good ones’ broke the law when they crossed the boarder…illegally.

    Would you call the law on ‘all’ tresspassers in your back yard, or just the ‘bad’ ones?