Playground Safety on Hot Summer Days

June 28, 2012

Reader Submission

Summer days are the best times to take our children to the playgrounds to let them run out that energy and just have an enjoyable time but parents need to alarmed.

While playgrounds are a great place to take our kids, there are a lot of safety issues a parent should be aware of, one in particular – Temperature of the equipment. With the summer heat reaching high temperatures, it also means the equipment can reach these temperatures, over and above as well, which is very dangerous. One instant in particular, a local St. Mary’s County child was playing on a neighborhood playground monkey bars early one Saturday morning. The child quickly went across the bars and ran back over to her mother where she opened to her hand to display a severe blister/burn that had occurred. Skin was just hanging and it was evident the child was in pain.

After a visit to the local Urgent Care, the child sustained a second degree burn from the heat of the bars. The child has made a full recovery with a scar memory from that day. Many of our local playgrounds have taken the safety precaution of placing rubber coating on their equipment to avoid instances such as this but some of them have not done so, as this one was not.

Parents please take the initiative to take that extra effort to check the playground before allowing your children to play. This effort should happen more than it does but during hot summer days, this is especially important. If the playground does not have rubberized coating, check out the heat safety. We don’t want this happening to another child.

– April Owens

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