Award-winning Musician and Cancer Survivor Gabriel Bello Coming to Chesapeake Beach with Natural Wonder

June 23, 2015

Gabriel Bello

Southern Maryland News Net recently had the opportunity to talk to Gabriel Bello, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer and song writer, and now on his tour, Natural Wonder. It’s a live tribute performance to Stevie Wonder with a full band. He will be performing on June 25th at the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa in Chesapeake Beach, and on July 15th at Ram’s Head On Stage in Annapolis.

Southern Maryland News Net: Where are you from?

Bello: I was born in Massachusetts, raised in Florida, and now I live in the proper side of North Carolina. So I’ve been on the whole Eastern seaboard.

Southern Maryland News Net: Can you tell me about your music career and previous projects?

Bello: I have been performing since I was a kid in church, and I did my first studio session at 15. I got into music ministry in college, I did the national thing and went on to be a finalist to be a musical director for American Idol winner Carrie Underwood and also for Kellie Pickler. I released my first solo jazz album in 2011 and it was number one on the billboard jazz charts. It actually bumped Michael Bublé for a couple of weeks. It was number one for 11 weeks on the smooth jazz charts.

Southern Maryland News Net: What is your connection to Stevie Wonder and the influence he’s had on you?

Bello: I grew up with the talking book album and the records. I listened to them a lot, I’m surprised I didn’t wear them out. I like his positivity, and how he sings about love, death, sadness, spirituality, and his political consciousness. I’ve wanted to embody his themes.

Southern Maryland News Net: Do you have a favorite song you’d like to perform as him?

Bello: There’s way too many. It’s tough. There’s a couple of songs I haven’t performed yet because they’re deep album cuts, like Joy Inside My Tears or They Won’t Go When I Go. Those are very powerful songs as well. I started doing If It’s Magic but not every show. My favorite song to perform is Do Like You. I get shivers when performing that song.

Southern Maryland News Net: Have you done other impersonations before?

Bello: Back in my younger days, I used to do Michael Jackson. I had all the moves done and I used to be able impersonate his vocals.

Southern Maryland News Net: Have people come up to you before and thought you were the real Stevie Wonder?

Bello: Not so much when I’m off the stage, people do triple takes. I’ve done events here in Charlotte in big theatres, and the audience members are asking the ushers “Is that really Stevie Wonder? That’s not really Stevie Wonder, is it?”