Sheriff’s Office Holds Promotion Ceremony at Calvert BOCC

December 7, 2012

During the Calvert Board of County Commissioners’ Tuesday meeting, Sheriff Mike Evans held a promotional ceremony. During a previous meeting with the BOCC, the sheriff discussed one promotion and lateral movements within the Sheriff’s Office. Approval was granted.

The need for these promotions was a result of Lt. Bobby Jones leaving for three months to attend the FBI National Academy and the retirement of Lt. Colonel Thomas Hejl in April 2013 upon the return of Lt. Bobby Jones. The promotions will become permanent upon Hejl’s retirement. All promotions were effective on December 3, 2012.

Sheriff Mike Evans with the help of Lt. Colonel Tom Hejl pinned the new badges on each of those deputies. The following are  the deputies  and their rank to which they were promoted:

Captain – Ricky Thomas – Homeland Security
First Sgt – David Payne Homeland Security- Lieutenant
First Sgt – Donald Bowen – Lieutenant
Sgt– Timothy Fridman – First Sergeant – permanent
Sgt– Roscoe Jones – First Sergeant-Commander Twin beaches
Cpl – Robert Selkirk – Sergeant Road Patrol
DFC– Jason Dean – Corporal, Patrol Bureau

The fiscal impact of these promotions will be $30,285 which does not include benefits. $4,722 of this increase will be paid by redirecting a portion of the Sex Offender Registry reimbursement. The remainder of the increase will be realized through the Sheriff’s Office salary line savings for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Congratulations to all the Calvert Deputies who were promoted. And congratulations for jobs well done!
Margit Miller / Staff Writer/ Editor

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