Letter from Huntingtown Fire Chief Jonathan Riffe

December 31, 2012

Huntingtown VFDAs 2012 comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for your help and support for this year and the past 6 years that I have served as the Fire Chief of the Huntingtown VFD. Our organization has come a long way in the past several years due to the hard work and dedication of my members and the support of all of you. You have all been a tremendous help in some fashion or another with your support and will always leave a lasting impression. I enjoyed each and every day that I was Fire Chief even when things weren’t going as well as I had wished. Thank you to all the fellow Chiefs, Presidents, Fire & Rescue Association, Fire & Rescue Commission and Board of County Commissioners for your support while I served as the Chair of Chief Council since 2009. Calvert County remains the ONLY 100% volunteer county in the state of Maryland. If the county remains on the same path we currently are than this will not change. Please instill this into all of your members. We should all be very proud of this. We have something wonderful that many other counties would do anything to have back. Many people don’t realize how great we have it and how great the citizens of the county have it.

Huntingtown VFD has always and will always be my home and where my heart lies since I first joined 16 years ago in December 1996. Even though I am stepping down to the Deputy Fire Chief, I will still remain just as active. Please give the same “open arms” support to my good friend and current Deputy Fire Chief, Phil Morris who will be taking over the realms of Fire Chief in 2 days. Phil is very knowledgeable with a wealth of experience & time and works the same “24 hours on, 72 hours off” as a Lieutenant with Annapolis City Fire Department. Phil shares the same values and beliefs towards the Mission, Vision & Values statement of our great organization and the county and will be a wonderful asset as he moves forward as Fire Chief. Thank you again for everything and I’ll be seeing all of you soon.


Jonathan Riffe
Fire Chief, Huntingtown VFD/Chair Chief Council
Sergeant, DC Fire & EMS Department
Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute Instructor
Co-owner, Southern MD CPR & First Aid Training
(443) 532-5315

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