Large Coyote Shot on Mill Bridge Road

January 15, 2013

coyoteOn Saturday, January 5th, Chance Underwood was deer hunting off  Mill Bridge Road. Chance encountered and shot a male coyote that weighed 43 pounds.

Coyotes are not considered a threat to humans. There have been a few attacks by coyotes on humans in North America. It is recommended people never feed coyotes, as most of the attacks have been associated with animals that have been fed by humans at a park.

If someone comes across a coyote in the wild, treat it like any other wild animal; Enjoy it, but from a distance. There is only a recent history of coyotes having a presence in Calvert County.

Coyotes were not present in Maryland when the first European settlers came here in the early 1600s, Wolves were present and that is probably what kept the coyotes away.

Wolves have been wiped out in Maryland, and starting in the 1900’s, there are records of coyotes moving from the mid- and southwest to the east. Regular sightings of coyotes started happening in about the 1980’s in Maryland. Coyotes are in every county in Maryland. They’ve been in Calvert County for at least 15 years or more.

A coyote’s diet consists of small mammals, like mice and rabbits. They will kill and eat deer as well. Coyotes are very adaptable animals but a mixture of forests, fields and wetlands is a perfect environment for them. They also will come into suburbs so Calvert County is a “great place for coyotes” to live.

Margit Miller / Staff Writer / Editor

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