Lunch Box Café Restaurant Review

February 12, 2013

003 (2)Again, in recognition of Calvert County’s Restaurant Week, I went to another place that I had never been and really didn’t know it existed, and had been open since 2009. I was very glad some new places were on the Restaurant Week list for me to try. I invited a family member to have lunch on me at the Lunch Box Café. Apparently my family has been there before so I made them happy.

The restaurant is located in the front part of an office building in the heart of old Prince Frederick. At one time it was a private residence that now has been transformed and enlarged to handle several offices and the restaurant. There is a nice front porch that would make an excellent spot to dine in good weather.

Stepping in the door you see the counter in front of you and to your right an area that is used by the staff that I think would be called the wait station, where the employees get the drinks and soups for the diners. On the left is a doorway that leads to a number of small dining rooms.

004 (2)The wait staff handed us the specials for Restaurant Week and the rest of the menu could be seen at the counter. There were a number of choices such as Executive Lunch Choices such as The Beast (roast turkey, ham and roast beef with bacon, tomato, American cheese, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing served on rye bread, Executive Club, and a roast turkey wrap with herbed cream cheese, cucumbers, sprouts and tomatoes. They offered grilled Panini sandwiches, Lunch Box Salads, 1/2 Sandwich Combo with a bag of chips and a bottle of soda or water. For sides there was a zesty pasta salad, homemade potato salad, fresh fruit salad or assorted chips. Each day a soup is offered and can be combined with a half sandwich. Finally Lunch Box Stuffers (sandwiches) such as turkey, ham, roast beef, tuna salad, chicken salad, corned beef and BLT could be had with one’s choice of bread and extras such as bacon, cheese and extra meat. And homemade desserts, very tempting, were displayed at the counter – mega cupcakes, brownies and cookies.

006We decided on the corned beef on rye with lettuce, tomato and mustard, potato salad, fruit salad and the Restaurant Week special Tuscany Turkey with cream of crab soup, soda and choice of dessert. Tuscany Turkey was a grilled Panini with tomato, Provolone cheese, basil pesto mayonnaise, and red onions. Once we ordered, they handed us a miniature lunch box with a number on it. Taking the lunch box, you went to the dining area and found a table and put the box on the end. This was how the wait staff found you when your order was ready.

It was only a couple of minutes when a waiter appeared with part of our order. For some reason, the only things we got were our beverages and sandwiches. We soon hailed the waiter and asked for our soup, potato salad and fruit cup. It all came within a few more minutes. The food was great, not only in taste but in appearance. The corned beef was tender and moist. The fruit cup was fresh with strawberries, pineapple and grapes. I wasn’t a fan of the potato salad as it had too much dressing for my likes. The cream of crab was a hit, as well as the turkey sandwich. Although the special came with dessert, my guest decided against it. The price for the special was $10. All the prices were reasonable and ranged between $3.95 for a grilled cheese or garden salad to $7.75 for a cup of soup and a half a sandwich.

005 (2)It was a great experience in a very nice surrounding. The Lunch Box Café does catering and for orders of $15 or more, they will deliver. They offer a catering menu and you can ask for it at the counter. At present, they are only open for lunch but will expand to dinner in May.
Open Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm

132 Main Street
Prince Frederick Md
410-414-9852 (Fax)

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