Maryland Doesn’t Need a Gas Tax Hike

February 25, 2013

House Republicans: Maryland Needs a Responsible Plan NOT a Gas Tax Hike

Today members of the House Republican Caucus made it clear that Maryland does not need a gas tax hike, but instead needs a responsible plan that addresses the actual needs of its citizens.

“As a caucus, we are appalled that Democratic leaders would again ask taxpayers to pay more when they have done nothing to curb spending and responsibly steward existing transportation revenue,” said House Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell.

“If Democrats want more money for transportation, they need to stop raiding the Transportation Trust Fund,” commented Delegate Susan Krebs. “That is why we are proposing a Constitutional amendment that protects the trust fund from future raids. The bill that the Senate President has introduced does not go far enough to truly protect the Transportation Trust Fund.”

Earlier this month, Senate President Mike Miller introduced two bills on transportation. The first bill (SB 829) claims to protect the transportation trust fund, but in reality simply codifies the continued raids. The other (SB 830) adds a 3% sales tax on gasoline which, at current prices, equals a 10 cent per gallon tax hike.

“The problem is not a lack of money,” said Delegate Herb McMillan. “Transportation Trust Fund spending is out of alignment with Marylanders’ transportation needs. The vast majority of trust fund revenue comes from motorists, but the operating budget spends twice as much on mass transit than roads, which is only used by 8.8% of commuters. We don’t need more revenue. What we need is to ensure that revenues from motorists are spent on highways, and not on mass transit projects that most of them will never use.”

“Contrary to what the O’Malley Administration continues to say, over $1 billion taken from the Transportation Trust Fund has yet to be repaid,” said Delegate Andrew Serafini. “We are calling on the Governor to repay those monies over the next three years. The Governor introduced a budget that increases spending by $500 million. If we truly have a transportation crisis, we should take $300 million of that increase and use it to restore transportation dollars. Rather than force citizens to pay more, we should do better managing the dollars we have already taken.”

“Gas prices are projected to be over $4 per gallon by the spring,” said House Minority Whip Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio. “This will have a ripple effect throughout the economy. As legislators we should be looking for solutions that make things easier for our citizens, not more difficult.”

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3 Responses to Maryland Doesn’t Need a Gas Tax Hike

  1. Anonymous on February 25, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    I’m by no means a republican but a gas tax increase is ridiculous. My state taxes doubled this year, the alcohol tax increased 50%, and yet they need a gas tax so much? Where is the money going? Gas is high enough, and who knows where that money goes as well, there are some people in the middle east getting filthy rich and the executives at the oil companies, but the gas stations don’t make any money.

  2. Paul on February 26, 2013 at 8:04 am

    Omalley and his cronies are out of control. All they can do is tax and spend. Between the state and federal government tax increases many people have taken a pay cut for the last three years. What do we get in return? Cost of living has risen and fuel prices have gone through the roof. When is the last time these elitist have gone to the supermarket and actually paid for their groceries? You know they have not paid for fuel in their vehicle because the taxpayer (you and I) are paying to fill up the government vehicles they ride in. All they can come up with is tax increses. Quit spending!! This state is the same as the federal government; it has a spending problem not a revenue problem. Vote these clowns out!

  3. Bill on February 26, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    your preaching to the choir Paul, the democrats have always run Maryland, and with this last election I think we all know how the good ole boys stay in power once in, they use your tax money to buy more votes. Don’t look for anything to change anytime soon.