Whip Hoyer Receives “Legislator of the Year”

March 16, 2013

House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) received the “Legislator of the Year” Award from the Information Technology Industry (ITI) Council in recognition of his support of policies that support businesses, his commitment to stabilizing the economy, and his outreach to the technology community.

“I am honored to receive this award from the Information Technology Industry Council,” Whip Hoyer said. “Its member companies are America’s leading innovators, who continue to reshape our society with new technologies and products that open doors to greater opportunity. Their voices are ever more important as Congress continues its pursuit of solutions to our economic challenges. In visiting a number of these companies and in my meetings with technology industry leaders, I’ve heard the same message again and again: Congress must invest in a highly skilled workforce and enact policies that help businesses succeed here in America. I look forward to continuing to work with members of the Information Technology Industry Council to continue to promote policies that make our economy the most competitive in the world.”

“ITI selected Rep. Hoyer as Legislator of the Year because of his commitment to an innovation-driven economy,” said ITI President & CEO Dean Garfield. “He understands that, to compete around the world, U.S. companies need a second-to-none workforce of engineers, scientists, and others with the brain power to drive America forward. Rep. Hoyer knows that America’s global competitors are not going to stop innovating and improving, and the United States must invest to stay ahead.”

The Information Technology Industry Council is the nation’s premier advocacy and policy organization for leading innovation companies, representing some of the world’s most recognized technology brands. Its member companies include ten of the world’s fifty largest corporations, and it has served the high-tech industry longer than any other trade association.

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One Response to Whip Hoyer Receives “Legislator of the Year”

  1. LTownTaxpayer on March 17, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    For a “Legislator of the Year,” he doesn’t seem to do much work in Washington. Instead of working with the Republicans, he is too busy running around accepting awards, getting his picture taken, and repeating ad nauseam the democratic White House talking points. It is especially hilarious when his talking points are not up to date and he is repeating things that the White House is no longer spouting. Time to retire Steny!