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September 6, 2013

SMNEWSphoto2Solar Gaines is a, Cockeysville-based, Maryland solar power company that designs, sells, and installs solar panel systems. What sets Solar Gaines apart from many other renewable energy providers is the fact that Solar Gaines is certified through NABCEP, North America’s only renewable energy personnel certification program that is American National Standards Institute accredited. It is the most respected certification organization in the field of renewable energy.

According to Tom Gaines, LEED AP, CEO of Solar Gaines “The solar energy market has exploded since we started our commercial construction company in the 1980’s. The creation of Solar Gaines was in direct response to the growth of the industry.”

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Gaines went on to state that Solar Gaines makes a custom recommendation based on a client’s unique site. “We do not fit any customers into a cookie-cutter template and never recommend work that would not benefit them. Our average residential solar installation pays for itself under five years and offers a 20 percent return on investment.”

The energy company offers residential and commercial systems including solar panel installation and solar hot water systems all designed to save money and to protect the environment.

“We offer the right products, the right skill-set and handle everything the customer needs,” said Gaines. “Being a responsible energy company sets us apart. Our team has LEED AP qualifications and over 35 years combined work experience in the sophisticated commercial construction field”

Solar Gaines does not just install solar panels on a customer’s building. Being a responsible energy company means we handle everything for you.
1. The company files all the necessary paperwork with all the government agencies (federal, state, county, and local) on the client’s behalf to ensure they receive all the rebates and discounts available to reduce costs.
2. Solar Gaines also installs a complete computer dashboard system to control and monitor the solar installation’s energy production and operations.

“Everything is done for you. That is why we call our product a ‘complete turn-key service’.”

Solar panels are made of silicon which is derived from sand so the manufacturing process is not intrusive to the environment, quicker, and much less expensive than building and operating a nuclear or fossil fuel based power plant.. More solar energy strikes the earth in a day that all the petroleum reserves combined.

For more information and to see if solar energy is the right fit for you or learn more about the company, contact

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  1. Eric on September 6, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Yeah thanks for robbing my money to spend on that which I will never get those free electricty.