Veto Threat Proves the Need for ‘No Subsidies Without Verification Act’

September 12, 2013

Need more proof that Rep. Diane Black’s (R-TN) No Subsidies Without Verification Act (H.R. 2775) is a common-sense bill that deserves support from both sides of the political aisle? Read the White House veto threat.

The White House says H.R. 2775 – which simply requires the administration to verify whether people are eligible for taxpayer-funded ObamaCare subsidies before doling them out – will “create delays.”

But the “statement of administration policy” then goes on to say the bill is “unnecessary” because – administration officials claim – they already have “an effective and efficient system for verification of eligibility.”

So which is it? Does the Obama administration have a way – other than the “honor system” – to verify whether someone is eligible for taxpayer subsidies? Or will requiring the administration to have one “create delays?”

The fact is the White House already admitted it has no plan, and that it will “let applicants ‘self attest’ that they are legally eligible” for taxpayer-funded benefits. “No further questions asked.” The Wall Street Journal argues this opens the door to massive fraud – “$250 billion in bad payments in a decade.”

Taxpayers are already missing out on the special breaks the president’s handing out to big businesses and insurance companies – the result of a “train wreck” law that isn’t ready for prime time. Rep. Black’s bill will make sure families and small businesses aren’t on the hook for “rampant fraud” too.

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