Editorial Boards Rebuke ObamaCare’s “Delays, Excuses, Mistakes & Misinformation”

December 7, 2013

Fundamental flaws at the heart of the president’s health care law continued coming to light this week, with stories of Medicare Advantage patients losing their doctors, small business owners “scared to death,” and young Americans seeing their hours cut due to ObamaCare’s burdensome mandates. As numerous editorials from across the country note, the problems with the president’s health care law go far beyond its botched website:

“Plans Being Dropped, Much-Higher Premiums and People Losing Access to Their Preferred Doctors and Medical Centers” “Shortly after the botched launch of HealthCare.gov, Obama at a press conference insisted that the only problem with the Affordable Care Act was the website’s performance. ‘The product is good,’ he said. But reports of millions of Americans’ plans being dropped, much-higher premiums and people losing access to their preferred doctors and medical centers quickly put the lie to that.” (The Columbus Dispatch)

“Intrinsic Defects” “But continuing glitches and delays raise a deeper question. Just how much do these technical and administrative flaws reflect the heart of the ACA itself? As within, so without: The implementation problems likely are only symptomatic of intrinsic defects.” (The Daily Progress)

“Delays, Excuses, Mistakes and Misinformation” “There have been delays, excuses, mistakes and misinformation (some might say outright lies) from the White House since Obamacare was unleashed, and quite frankly, there isn’t any reason to think things will change today. Ultimately, the failure of Obamacare will be because having the federal government dictate, order and manipulate the health care system will not decrease the cost of health care, no matter how many young people (supposedly the backbone of the Obamacare system) are able to log on to a website. This is why a dysfunctional website will eventually look like a small problem.” (Amarillo Globe-News)

“The American Dream Could Become My Worst Nightmare” “Despite the delays and assurances from the government that things will get easier, the simple fact is that the ACA is going to hurt my business and my employees no matter when it goes into effect. … My options are downsizing, automating and creating part-time jobs that aren’t careers. Or, the American dream could become my worst nightmare, and I could have to close my doors.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Op-Ed)

“Canceled Serviceable, Individual Insurance Policies” “The health insurance mandate has somehow canceled serviceable, individual insurance policies for millions of Americans — which they were explicitly promised they could keep. Obama realizes how bad it all looks and sought to mitigate the political damage.” (New Bern Sun-Journal)

“Costs More in Return for Worse Coverage” “The reason this furor will continue even if the website is fixed is that the public is learning that ObamaCare’s insurance costs more in return for worse coverage.” (Wall Street Journal)

“The Lie That Is ObamaCare Does Not Discriminate” “Soon to join the projected millions of Americans in the individual health care market who are receiving cancellation notices from their insurance carriers will be Medicare Advantage seniors. They’re learning now that last year’s warnings about their future health care should have been taken to heart. … For young and old alike, the lie that is ObamaCare does not discriminate.” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

“Another Day, Another News Story About Problems with ObamaCare” “Another day, another news story about problems with Obamacare, duly followed by another excuse out of the White House. No longer are the stories a drip, drip, drip, or even a glug, glug, glug. Now the flood has begun, and you have to put your hands over your ears to shut out the roar, the way you might if you were standing before any other giant waterfall.” (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)


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