Cali’s Restaurant Review

December 27, 2013

001 (2)Just like the old saying ‘hidden deep in the woods’ was a hidden gem, Cali’s Restaurant, located in an RV Park in Ridge. Taking a Sunday ride, it was an amazing journey to get there, especially in the rain and in unfamiliar territory. Apparently this was a restaurant for the RV Park once upon a time. Now it is a fairly new restaurant and at present, has limited days and hours.

Walking inside, there were tables on both sides of the room, with a counter or bar at the back. Beyond the bar there was the kitchen. There was a television mounted at the front top of the side wall and the football game was on. The restaurant was advertised as ‘Big City Taste with Small Town Flavor’.

002 (2)We seated ourselves and a gentleman brought us menus and took our beverage order. When he returned with our drinks, we ordered the Golden Wings for our appetizer. You could order 6, 12 or 18 and choose hot sauce, barbecue sauce or honey mustard for dipping; we ordered 6 with honey mustard and barbecue sauce. A surprise not to see blue cheese or ranch dressing offered.

Looking over the menu, there were a number of items offered that one did not find in other restaurants. Three and Six Pack Sliders were offered with your choice of barbecued brisket, honey roasted turkey or Virginia ham and served with your choice of side. The sides were fries, homemade Coleslaw, country potato salad, stuffing, macaroni salad and baked beans.

003 (3)In the sandwich department, barbecued beef brisket topped with grilled onions and mozzarella cheese, the Cali Stacker piled high with barbecued brisket, turkey breast and honey baked ham sliced thin on a Kaiser roll and topped with melted cheese and Coleslaw, the Reuben, Steak and Cheese with Porterhouse tips, sautéed onions and mushroom, and topped with Provolone cheese were some of the offerings. If one wished, you could get a hamburger or grilled chicken sandwich on sub roll, white bread, whole wheat or rye bread or a Kaiser roll or you could order a deli sandwich with roasted turkey, corned beef, Virginia baked ham or pastrami and add your choice of Swiss, American, provolone or cheddar cheese.

004 (2)Wraps and signature salads were available as well two dinner platters – honey roasted turkey or barbecued beef brisket. And if one wished, you could order the Cali Double platter with your choice of two meats and two sides. There is even a children’s menu with an all-beef hot dog, chicken tenders or grilled cheese and served with French fries.

We ordered a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on toast, the Reuben and the Santa Fe Chicken Salad. Our chicken wings arrived and they looked and smelled wonderful. They were tender and moist and crisp on the outside. They were definitely a hit. The sandwiches and salad arrived shortly thereafter. The Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on toast was a favorite and thoroughly enjoyed. The Santa Fe Chicken Salad was nicely presented and quite a meal. The grilled, sliced chicken was served on a bed of tortilla strips with lettuce, red peppers, black beans, grilled corn, and shredded Colby with a honey, lime, cilantro dressing. It was fresh and good. The Reuben was as expected with sliced, lean corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on grilled rye with Thousand Island dressing. It was perfectly grilled and had a wonderful flavor. A side order of Coleslaw was ordered with the Reuben and it was just as advertised-homemade and fresh.

We were thinking dessert but our waiter told us that when they first opened, they offered dessert but it never sold. So as of now, they are not offering it. They do have a breakfast menu with sandwiches and platters. The breakfast sandwich is an egg and cheese to which you can add bacon, ham, sausage or scrapple if you choose. For those who wish, you can have your order to go.

006It was definitely worth the trip and the food was very good. I will go back and try some of the other items such as the brisket. It needs a little sprucing up outside as it almost looks deserted. I heard from some that the new owners have renovated the inside from shabby to nice. So maybe they will continue with the outside. I also see they are advertising more days and hours to come. It has an amazing waterview and when the weather warms, there is outside seating. All in all, it is a perfect little hide-away.

45893 Seaside View Road
Ridge, Maryland
Phone (240) 762-0167

Hours: Sat: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Visa MasterCard Discover accepted

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One Response to Cali’s Restaurant Review

  1. Bluetooth on December 30, 2013 at 8:47 am

    First comment, good luck to the new owners. Starting a restaurant in this economic environment is a scary endeavour at best.

    2nd question (my pet peeve). The ticket says 6 wings. Is that actually 6 wings or 3 wings (3 wings cut in 1/2)? Just askin’.

    Third, you might want to have your staff use a calculator. You’ve shorted yourself on this check, and, aren’t you supposed to collect tax? Maybe it was added at a register but it should be shown on the check as well.