County Students Participate in Winter Chess Tournament

February 26, 2014

chessCharles County Public Schools held their annual Winter Chess Tournament on Saturday, February 22 at Thomas Stone High School. More than 175 students participated in the event, which is the largest turnout in recent years. The tournament is sponsored by the school system’s gifted education and instruction departments, and is open to any student in grades kindergarten through 12.

The tournament follows a Swiss-style format in which each student plays four games. Students competed in five grade-level divisions and trophies were awarded to first- and second-place winners. Third-place winners received medals for placing, and all participants received a certificate for their performance. Felix Cummings served as the tournament director.

The following students were winners in their division:

Grades kindergarten through second:

• Timothy Martinez, first place, first grade, William B. Wade Elementary School;
• Miles Davis, first place, kindergarten, William A. Diggs Elementary School;
• Jace Darvill, third place, second grade, Wade;
• Joseph Diana, third place, second grade, Walter J. Mitchell Elementary School;
• Emily Matundan, third place, second grade, J.C. Parks Elementary School;
• Ihshan Kazim, third place, second grade, Eva Turner Elementary School;
• Alan Sebastian, third place, second grade, Wade;
• Manav Soni, third place, first grade, Wade; and
• Tarun Veeramarchnani, third place, second grade, Wade.

Grades three and four:

• Arya Forohar, first place, fourth grade, Mary H. Matula Elementary School;
• Jason Shaffer, first place, fourth grade, Mitchell;
• Caleb Jenkins, second place, third grade, Parks;
• Dwayne Isaacs, second place, fourth grade, Parks;
• Sholom Murphy, second place, third grade, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School;
• Natalie Green, third place, third grade, Wade;
• Solomon Griggs, third place, fourth grade, Diggs;
• Rodney Harrison, third place, fourth grade, Matula;
• Daniel Huttig, third place, fourth grade, Diggs;
• Brett Michael, third place, fourth grade, Matula;
• Nathan Michael, third place, third grade, Matula;
• Maci Mulloy, third place, fourth grade, Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School;
• James Olmsted, third place, third grade, Dr. James Craik Elementary School; and
• Jackson Osborn, third place, fourth grade, Diggs.

Grades five and six:

• Bradley Brown, first place, sixth grade, Theodore G. Davis Middle School;
• John Glassman, first place, fifth grade, Matula;
• Christopher Rand-Crawford, first place, sixth grade, John Hanson Middle School;
• Kristof Lile, second place, sixth grade, Matthew Henson Middle School;
• Eric Fotang, third place, sixth grade, Milton M. Somers Middle School;
• Francis Franch, third place, fifth grade, Arthur Middleton Elementary School;
• Alyssa Gerhart, third place, fifth grade, Wade;
• Payton Green, third place, sixth grade, Davis;
• Collin Jenkins, third place, fifth grade, Parks;
• Brandon Luton, third place, sixth grade, Somers;
• Mathew Padath, third place, sixth grade, Benjamin Stoddert Middle School;
• Ebin Sebastian, third place, fifth grade, Wade;
• Brenden Thompson, third place, sixth grade, Henson; and
• Daniel West, third place, fifth grade, Middleton.

Grades seven and eight:

• Kyle Noah Batchelor, first place, eighth grade, Piccowaxen Middle School;
• James Tabourne, second place, seventh grade, Stoddert;
• Ethan Allshouse, third place, seventh grade, Somers;
• Paulo Bonilla, third place, seventh grade, Davis;
• Gabriel Dizon, third place, eighth grade, Mattawoman Middle School;
• Jarrett Mulloy, third place, seventh grade, Piccowaxen; and
• Joshua Sokol, third place, seventh grade, Stoddert.

Grades nine through twelve:

• Franklin Olmsted, first place, sophomore, Maurice J. McDonough High School;
• Michael Tritt, second place, senior, Westlake High School; and
• Steven Jones, third place, senior, North Point High School.

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