Hairy” Cast Heads to NYC

February 28, 2012

When it comes to being physically attracted to the opposite sex, people have their own personal preferences, such as eye and hair color, height and physique.  For Jessica, a boisterous British character in local playwright George R. Johnson’s original one-act, “The Importance of Being Hairy,” it’s hair–chest hair.

In this comedy of mistaken identities that pays homage to Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” Jessica and her friend Sharon set out to find a hairy American man.  Hilarity ensues as the pair meets a couple of guys, one of whom turns out to be named Harry. The play has previously been presented onstage at Three Notch Theater and the CSM Leonardtown Campus, and now a group of local actors are taking it to the Riant Theater in New York City to perform on March 3, 2012 as part of The Strawberry One-Act Festival.

Audience members will be able to vote on their favorite one-act play, and the play may ultimately be performed several times during the week of March 3 before a winner is announced. “The Importance of Being Hairy” will be performed for local audiences at the Leonardtown CSM Auditorium in Building A on March 1 at 7pm.  The public is encouraged to attend, and a ten dollar donation is appreciated to help offset the costs of the actors traveling to New York City.

Members of the cast:  Rebecca Masters, Mark Masters, Jessica Cantrell, Jeremy Leissner, Tasnim McWilliams, Andrea Hein and Greg Rumpf.  The play is directed by A. Gilligan.


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