Trick or Treat – Not Drink and Drive

October 31, 2014

MSP Loenardtown461With Halloween quickly approaching, troopers remind folks as they carve their pumpkins and pick out their costumes, the best choices they can make are to drive sober or designate a sober driver before the celebrating begins.

The Maryland State Police is reminding all drivers that ‘Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving’ because every Halloween there are still some people who think they can drive after drinking. There will be additional patrols out specifically looking for and removing dangerous and impaired drivers from the roadways to ensure everyone has a safe Halloween celebration.

“We want to encourage people to trick or treat this Halloween but never to drink and drive,” said Colonel Marcus L. Brown, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. “Before you take your first sip of alcohol on October 31, figure out who your designated sober driver will be. If you wait until you’re ‘buzzed’ to make that decision, you may make the wrong choice.”

Remember, designate a sober driver and give them the keys. If you find yourself impaired, call a friend or family member, use public transportation, or call a taxi. If you see a driver you think is impaired, keep a safe distance and contact law enforcement. The extra troopers will be saturating roads with high documented DUI crashes. They will also be focusing on impaired and distracted drivers.