Local Liquor Store Sells to Underage Decoy

September 29, 2011

On Sept. 17 at 9:35 p.m,. an underage decoy was sent into several business establishments that hold liquor licenses with the intent to purchase alcoholic beverages.  The decoy was sent into five establishments and all but one of the clerks refused to sell alcoholic beverages to the underage decoy.

The decoy first entered Dunkirk Wine and Spirits, 2&4 Liquors, Lusby Liquors and Southern Liquors and at each place of business picked up an alcoholic beverage from within the store to purchase and placed the item on the counter at the register.  Once at the register, a clerk in each store asked for identification and when the decoy stated that they did not have any, the sale was refused.  The decoy then went inside Sunderland Wine and Spirits located on Dalrymple Road in Sunderland, picking up an alcoholic beverage and placing it on the counter for purchase.  The store manager failed to ask for ID and made the sale to the underage decoy.

F/Sgt. T.M. Ireland immediately made contact with the manager and advised him that he had sold alcohol to an underage person.  F/Sgt. Ireland also performed an inspection of all pertinent documents to include the establishments’ keg book.  F/Sgt. Ireland noted that employees of Sunderland Wine and Spirits failed to put the purchaser’s date of birth on two keg registrations in the book.   The manager was advised he would be contacted to appear before the Board of Licensed Commissioners for Calvert County at their next scheduled meeting.

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team conducts quarterly inspections of all Liquor License holders throughout Calvert County.  Compliance checks for sales to minors are conducted randomly.  All violations are reported to the Board of Licensed Commissioners of Calvert County for disposition.


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