Town Hall Meeting with Commissioner Weems

August 22, 2012

On Monday night, Calvert County Commissioner Steve Weems held a Town Hall Meeting at the St. Leonard Fire House with the citizens of St. Leonard and others interested in the Master Plan. The Department of Community Planning and Building came with staff to give a presentation and overview and answer questions of those in attendance.

Commissioner Weems stated the reason for the meeting was to give the residents of St. Leonard a chance to have their questions answered and another chance to attend for those who weren’t at the July 31st meeting. Jenny Plummer-Welker gave a slide presentation and overview with Chuck Johnston. The audience of approximately 60 attendees watched intently as each slide was presented.

As soon as the presentation was over, questions from the audience were fielded by Plummer-Welker, Johnston and Rai Sharma, Deputy Director of Engineering. The concerns over another road from Calvert Beach and Long Beach during an emergency kept being repeated. Some pointed out with Calvert Cliffs and Cove Point LNG planning expansions, they wanted to see it put in the final draft.

Some had concerns on the building lots still available and what would be allowed on those lots. While some wanted single family homeowners and others remarked about the lack of affordable housing for young people, a few in the audience did not want to see any rentals or low income housing. Others had concerns over where the commercial lots were still available and what kind of businesses those lots would entice.

One person wanted to know if the St. Leonard Elementary School property was included in the Master Plan, what would happen if later on the school was no longer needed. Staff assured that it would remain residential as it is now. And another wanted to know why the northern boundary of the Town Center was being changed and was told it was originally platted along the trees dripline. That line was changing due to the trees changing and was now being platted along the roadway.

After all questions were answered, those in attendance were told they still had until August 31st to get any suggestions or remarks in to the planning commission. They can be mailed to Calvert County Planning Commission, 150 Main Street, Prince Frederick, Md. 20678 or faxed to 410-414-3092.
Margit Miller/Staff Writer/Editor


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