Calvert County Fire-Rescue-EMS Volunteers Hard At Work

October 10, 2011

Many citizens in Calvert County aren’t aware that the Fire, Rescue and EMS responders are volunteers that donate their time to help out you; the public in your desperate time of need. It is not surprising though that many people, particularly the new residents to the county are unaware that Calvert County is 100% volunteer. This means that the firefighters and EMT’s that respond to your residence and transport your sick grandmother, extricate a loved one from a horrific car accident or extinguish your neighbors house on fire are not paid or compensated for their actions. They are doing this for FREE. A matter of fact, Calvert County is the only county left in the state of Maryland that is solely protected by 100% Volunteers.

During Hurricane Irene, the Volunteer Fire, Rescue and EMS departments in Calvert County answered 400 responses from August 27—August
28. The departments had an average of 30-50 volunteer members in their station at any given time. Many of these members slept on floors and cots to ensure the citizen’s calls for help were answered.

As the Chairperson of the Calvert County Volunteer Fire, Rescue, EMS Chief’s Council, I want to extend my thanks to all of our responders for what they do on a daily basis. I want to thank these members of all age groups for jeopardizing their lives, dedicating their time, leaving their family during dinner, and awakening in the night to come to the station to staff a fire truck or ambulance; only to wake in a few hours to go to their regularly scheduled job.The next time you see a volunteer firefighter or EMT, thank him/her for their actions. A small gesture of gratitude will brighten anybody’s day.

Jonathan Riffe
Chief Huntingtown VFD


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