Halloween at Annmarie Gardens – A Child’s Dream

October 31, 2012

If ever there was a Candyland, kids found it at Annmarie Gardens on Saturday. Dressed in their costumes, accompanied by adults, they would run down the trail to the next vendor to get goodies to fill their bags. Some would stop for a moment and sample what they had gotten.

At some booths, vendors, dressed in costume, would give the adults brochures and children treats. Not all vendors gave candy as some were giving out toy spiders, pumpkins and such, much to the delight of some parents. You could hear the squeals of delight when they got one of the toys; especially boys who liked the toy spiders.

Costumes covered all the famous comic book heroes, figures from children’s books, usual pumpkins and princesses but there were quite a number of homemade ones that stood out due to their originality. There was a Legg’s carton, a John Deere tractor and several robots. And one little boy was an airplane.

There were over 80 vendors and non-profits along the trick or treat trail. And no event would be complete without food and drinks. Food vendors were doing a brisk business, judging from the number of people munching while walking the trail. And there was entertainment as well as face painting.There was a booth where you could paint a pot and in the Meadow the Ghosts of Mardi Gras giving out beads.

Judging by all the smiles and laughter, everyone was enjoying the experience and the vendors were having a great time communicating with potential clients. And the children were very happy with the bags of goodies they had collected along the trail.
Margit Miller /Staff Writer / Editor

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