MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital Cuts the Ribbon for its Wound Healing Center

November 30, 2012

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital cut the ribbon on its new Wound Healing Center. The new facility is a state-of-the-art center dedicated to the art and science of healing very hard to treat wounds. The causes of these difficult wounds are many, but all share the same problem; once a patient experiences one of these types of wounds, they go through hours of treatments and some considerable pain.

This new center offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This is a simple, yet highly effective treatment process in which a patient breathes pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. The combination of high pressure – the same pressure experience by divers under 33 to 45 feet of water, delivers much needed oxygen needed to cure these wounds. Most wounds that required alternative forms of treatment are caused by a disruption to the flow of oxygen to the affected area. This disruption, because of diabetes, radiation and other causes, can be treated with the pressurized oxygen treatment.

The new center, located in the former Cancer Care & Infusion Services area is 3,000 sq. feet and contains four exam rooms, two hyperbaric oxygen chambers, private dressing rooms, a nurse work station, office space and a reception area.

The Wound Healing Center is set to open for patients in mid-December. Those suffering a difficult wound should call (240) 434-7670 to be placed on the waitlist and a MedStar St. Mary’s associate will call when the center is ready to accept them as a patient.

Also, on Nov. 28, prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony, MedStar St. Mary’s was awarded Delmarva Foundation Medicare Excellence Award for the fifth year in a row and sixth time overall., According to Columbus Giles, MD, Chief medical Officer, Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care the award is not simply won, but earned and the hospital efforts have to demonstrate at least 90% proficiency in 18 areas for four consecutive quarters.

According to MedStar St. Mary’s Chief of Staff, Avani D. Shah, MD, MedStar St. Mary’s had levels of proficiency at 96% or higher in the designated areas and that it took everyone working at the hospital to reach such a high level of medical care and that all should be proud of the effort.


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