End Hunger In Calvert County to host 4th Annual FoodStock

July 30, 2015

Nearly 100,000 lbs of food will be distributed to over 800 local residents.

FoodStock2014-0222On Saturday August 8th from 8:30AM – 11:30AM at the End Hunger Warehouse, End Hunger In Calvert County will host its 4th Annual FoodStock distribution event.

That morning nearly 100,000lbs of food will be sorted and distributed, free of charge, to nearly 800 local families and Partner Food Pantries. People will receive a combination of fresh produce provided by Farming4Hunger and nonperishable food items from the Maryland Food Bank.

“Most people don’t realize that hunger is not a food issue,” says Jacqueline Miller President of End Hunger In Calvert County. “There’s plenty of food. In Calvert County hunger is a distribution and access issue. FoodStock is our county’s united effort to fix that problem. On August 8th, anyone who shows up to FoodStock will leave with nonperishable food items and fresh produce. It’s that simple.”

FoodStock2014-0606Calvert County is the 13th wealthiest county in the United States, yet over 10% of the population utilizes local food pantries. On average, End Hunger’s Partner Food Pantries serve over 900 families every week. A complete list of Partner Food Pantries can be food on their website at endhungercalvert.org

“This is our fourth FoodStock and every year cars begin lining up at 6:00AM, two and half hours before the event begins,” says Miller. “FoodStock is reminder to our community that hunger in Calvert County is real, the people it effects are real, and our ability to solve it is real.”

The week leading up to FoodStock, volunteer teams from Beach Boys Pizza – Papa John’s, S.J. Johnson Inc., Plan B Technology, Bay Wine + Spirits, and Dunkirk Wal-Mart will sort and pack food boxes that will later be distributed.

FoodStock2014-0548FoodStock takes place at the End Hunger Warehouse (141 Schooner Lane Prince Frederick, MD 20636) located in the Calvert Business Park in Prince Frederick. For more information about FoodStock or End Hunger In Calvert County please visit endhungercalvert.org or call 410-257-5672.

About End Hunger In Calvert County

End Hunger In Calvert County (EHCC) is an association of over 100 business, 25 churches, 32 Partner Food Panties and Feeding Organizations and countless volunteers and community leaders united behind the idea that hunger can be defeated in our county. The long-term purposes of EHCC is to able the willing and move those from dependency to self sufficiency. Visit their website endhungercalvert.org for more information.

3 Responses to End Hunger In Calvert County to host 4th Annual FoodStock

  1. Oscar Meyer on July 30, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    I bet the $21,000 Francesca Daniele was caught spending on herself would have gone far to help the less fortunate. Not to mention the money that will now be spent by the State to prosecute her just so she can get s light slap on her wrist… Shameful

  2. Anonymous on July 31, 2015 at 11:21 am

    You want to really put a dent in poverty and hunger? Take away any luxuries provided to inmates in prisons, reform welfare and penalize people on drugs and who are not even making an attempt to find work, make stiffer penalties for people who defraud and take advantage of social programs. The money saved could go to skills training and job placement for low income families. It could also provide advanced education possibilities for low income children. If they could work on education and job placement for people on welfare they become a contributor to society instead of a leech but the money will have to come from cleaning up the current system instead of taxing already strained hard working members of society. I am tired of working hard just so people can do nothing and contribute nothing to the community and periodically feeding these people just puts a band-aid on a bullet wound. Educate them, give them jobs and we all benefit.

    • Jessica on August 4, 2015 at 4:07 pm

      Hey anon,
      Instead of staying the same ol same and pointing fingers to everyone else to help. How about you do something yourself. Instead of sitting back and waiting for the government to do it for you!!! You sound just as bad if not worse then those who abuse the system. Boohooo large sense of entitlement going on with your words.
      But hey that’s just my take on what you said:)