Treasurer’s Office Now Offering Online Services for Citizens

August 31, 2015

seal-st-marys-209x194The St. Mary’s County Treasurer’s office is pleased to announce several new online systems are now available for real estate taxpayers including online payments and inquiry. Taxpayers can go to

The office is also accepting online payments where taxpayers can chose from a number of payment options, such as Debit or Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa & Discover), eCheck/ACH transfers. These services are available for a convenience fee of $1.80 for eCheck/ACH transfers and 2.5% for credit or debit cards. This service is available through Bill2Pay, which works closely with the office’s escrow payment solution, to have the most accurate data for the payment of St. Mary’s County tax bills.

Real Estate Tax Online Inquiry is also available. Taxpayers can look at or print St. Mary’s County
tax account information for a tax bill online.

Autoagent Data Solutions, LLC is being utilized for processing escrow payments. This system allows the escrow servicer to have a uniformed system to make payments from across the country. Mortgage companies sell mortgages on a regular basis. Autoagent will provide the new company a uniformed system to make payments on behalf of the citizens of St. Mary’s County.

Treasurer’s Office staff has worked closely with the Department of Emergency Services and Technology to provide the best online systems available for St. Mary’s County citizens. It’s anticipated that these new changes will enhance the office’s service to county citizens.