Dayton Webber Throws out First Pitch for Blue Crabs

September 1, 2015

DaytonIt was Superhero and Princess Night last Thursday at Regency Furniture Stadium as the Blue Crabs prepared to play the Ducks.

Foundation 4 Heroes was asked to come up and be a part of this special night for children. F4Heroes invited their newest member of their team, and without a doubt, an awesome hero to throw out the first pitch.

Dayton Webber was just 10 months old when a bacterial infection caused him to lose both arms and legs but that has never held him back. He is thankful it happened when he was younger because he never knew any other way of life.

We met Dayton during a corn hole tournament and just last week he was deer hunting across the country. We knew he could certainly throw out a first pitch and he did. Right down the middle for a strike.

He was then caught hanging out with the team talking baseball strategy and even took ground rules for the team. The Blue Crabs certainly embraced him that night, signed a ball for him and took photos with him. It was great to see and experience.

Dayton8Dayton is surrounded by wonderfully, supportive family and friends and we are so thrilled to include him on some of our adventures to inspire children and wounded warriors. He certainly does not need a costume to be considered a hero because he is one but that didn’t stop him from joining us in the fun that evening.

He was excited to get into the Captain America Minion costume and take pics with fans. Amazing. He told his Mom he needed to get a costume.

The costume does not make a hero. A hero is someone who makes people better; with their actions, their words and their treatment of others. Dayton is our hero.

Photos courtesy of Mike Batson Photography.

Dr. Jay M. Lipoff

President/Founder, Foundation 4 Heroes,







2 Responses to Dayton Webber Throws out First Pitch for Blue Crabs

  1. Anonymous on September 4, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Great job Dayton! Glad to see you teaming up with a group who are truly dedicated to helping others! You’re my hero Dayton!

  2. Teresa Brod on September 4, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    Another Awesome moment….touching hearts..your a hero and fab ambassador!