Appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees Named

December 30, 2015

seal-st-marys-209x194The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have announced appointments to the following boards, committees and commissions.

The appointments were approved on December 8 and are effective January 1, 2016:

Airport Advisory Committee Term
Erik Anderson (reappointment) 12/31/18

Board of Appeals
William Greene (reappointment) 12/31/18

Board of Trustees, Museum Division
Bryan Barthelme (reappointment) 12/31/19
Patricia Friend (reappointment) 12/31/20
Victor Govier (reappointment) 12/31/20
Eleanor Slater (reappointment) 12/31/20
Dale Springer (reappointment) 12/31/20

Commission for People with Disabilities
Andrea Butler 12/31/19
Elizabeth Snyder 12/31/19

Commission for Women
Diane Danaher (reappointment) 12/31/18
Kathleen Werner (reappointment) 12/31/18
Erin Walker (partial) 06/30/16
Karen Wathen (partial) 06/30/18

Commission on Aging
Deborah Johnstone (reappointment) 12/31/18

Economic Development Commission
Richard Braam (reappointment) 12/31/18
Phil Langley (reappointment) 12/31/18

Electrical Examiners Board
Ron Derby (reappointment) 12/31/19
James “Danny” Johnson (reappointment) 12/31/19
Donald Haskin (reappointment) 12/31/19
Rudolph Worch (reappointment) 12/31/19

Ethics Commission
David Willenborg 12/31/18

Housing Authority Board
Tina Dean (reappointment) 12/31/20

Historic Preservation Commission
Sean Wickers 12/31/18

Planning Commission
Daniel Ichniowski 12/31/20
Joseph VanKirk 12/31/20
Hal Williard (reappointment) 12/31/20

Recreation and Parks Board
Valarie Brosky 12/31/19
Richard Buckler (reappointment) 12/31/19
Thomas Nelson (reappointment) 12/31/19
Fred Parker (partial) 12/31/18

Retiree Benefit Trust of St. Mary’s
Mary Ann Murray 12/31/18

Wicomico Shores Golf Course Advisory Board
David Phalen 12/31/19