Everyday is The Day You Can Make a Difference

February 28, 2013

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StopAs we celebrate Anti-Bullying Day today, please take a moment to think of all the ones you know who are or have been bullied as well as those who do the bullying. Most people think of bullying as affecting only those who are being bullied. But if you were to stop and think about it, everyone is affected from the person being bullied to the person doing it, their families and friends, their co-workers and classmates, their teachers and businesses. Even animals are affected by those who bully them, especially pets.

Children who are bullied can have long-lasting psychological scars and regardless of their sex, have the risk of developing anxiety disorders, depression and suicidal thoughts. The damage remains even when the bullied person grows up and is no longer bullied. Those who bullied others were also at risk for psychological disorders including antisocial personality disorders.

With social media becoming a widely used form of communication, Cyberbulling is no longer restricted to children. Adults post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media to intimidate and harass co-workers and rivals in the workplace. These adults are posting messages that are defamatory to colleagues and sometimes this bullying is used by a manager against them. This leads to unhappy employees and low morale.

Cyber threats are also being made by estranged partners or relationships as well as having sensitive emails or photos and even text messages put online. The most common causes for adults resorting to this behavior is alleged lying, cheating or breaking up. This “dirty laundry” was never meant for the public.

Companies are now considering policies to govern social media etiquette among their employees. One in ten respondents to a survey found secret discussions about themselves, embarrassing photos and videos that had been uploaded to social media sites. Until everyone is clear about what is and isn’t acceptable behavior on social media sites, policies are of no use. Educating employees before establishing policies, privacy in the workplace can be protected.

Some teachers have been accused of bullying gay and lesbian students and condoning the behavior. This behavior includes name calling. The bullying of gay and lesbian students is a real issue in our schools and hopefully is being addressed by our Boards of Education in the tri county area.

Joe Chenelly, Calvert County Board of Education, said that he will be taking part in a twitter event later today and will be working also with the producers of the movie “Bully” and to discuss the issue and hear from victims, past bullies and parents on how we as a nation can stop bullying. While Anti-Bullying Day is formally observed in Canada, I will be working to implement activities around this day next year in our schools.

Remember, bullying affects everyone. Please look around and see if you can make a difference to those who are being bullied and the people doing the bullying. A little action on everyone’s part may help save a life or a future.
Margit Miller / Staff Writer / Editor

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