MD Agriculture Secretary on SB 1029

April 10, 2013

Maryland Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance on the Passage of SB 1029 — Maryland Agricultural Certainty Program

“Today, I congratulate Governor O’Malley and members of the General Assembly for working together to create a program that will help Maryland meet the goals of our Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan while providing farmers an opportunity to conduct their business in a predictable regulatory setting. Agriculture is a $2.1 billion industry in Maryland. It occupies more than 2 million acres – or one-third of the state’s land. Governor O’Malley has supported both this important industry and Chesapeake Bay restoration goals and has been committed to the notion that both can be done without expense to the other. Maryland is on a path of continuous improvement and is developing more tools to accelerate progress toward Chesapeake Bay restoration goals. The Maryland Agricultural Certainty Program is one of those tools. We look forward to working with the Governor and other stakeholders as we put Certainty into action over the next year. “

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