O’Malley Appoints New MHIB Members

May 8, 2013

Governor Martin O’Malley has appointed two new members and re-appointed three current members to the Maryland Horse Industry Board, a program within the Maryland Department of Agriculture that represents various equine activities and organizations across the state. Members serve four-year terms and are charged with promoting and marketing Maryland’s equine industry as well as overseeing the licensing of more than 600 lesson, boarding, rental and rescue operations.

There are currently 11 members on the board, representing: Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, the academic equine community, trade and support industries, licensed stables, licensed veterinarians, the Maryland Horse Council, the general public, organized competitions and shows, trails and recreational riding, and the Maryland Department of Agriculture. A twelfth position, representing humane societies, is currently vacant.

Newly appointed members are:

• Representing the General Public: Jack Symington Griswold, Jr, owner and operator of Wit’s End Farm in Baltimore County. He replaces current member Dorothy Troutman, who has been re-appointed, but now represents the Maryland Horse Council.
• Representing Organized Competitions and Shows: Karin Marie DeFrancis, Esq., consultant for the Preakness and other Maryland Jockey Club events such as the All Thoroughbred Horse Show in Baltimore City. She replaces outgoing member Patricia Gilbert.

Re-appointed to four year terms are Ron MacNab, representing trails and recreational riding; Eli Solomon, representing the Standardbred sector; and Dorothy Troutman, representing the Maryland Horse Council.

Other current members are: Jim Steele, Chairman, representing the Thoroughbred sector; Erin Pittman, Vice Chairman, representing the academic equine community; Kathleen J.P. Tabor, Esq., representing trade and support industries; Karen Fulton, representing licensed stables; Dr. John Lee, representing licensed veterinarians; and Patrick McMillan, representing Maryland Department of Agriculture.

For more information, contact Maryland Horse Industry Board Executive Director Ross Peddicord at 410-841-5798 or ross.peddicord@maryland.gov.

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