Irene May be History, but its Legacy Still Remains

September 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene roared through North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and points north before being downgraded to that of a tropical storm and moving through New York and into New England. The storm’s violent winds and torrential rains took a heavy toll on Southern Maryland which immediately after left thousands of area residents without power and with damaged homes and debris filled property.

SMECO has worked round the clock since 3 a.m. on Sunday morning to start the process of restoring property and power. The process involves thousands of miles worth of line and hundreds of damaged or destroyed utility poles. For residents without power, the process seemed to take forever, but gradually, SMECO has restored power to all but 27,000 residents.

Crews are restoring power by the hundreds with every utility pole change out and line reconnection and neighborhoods are coming back on line.

For those still without power, call SMECO at 1-877-747-6326.