Motocross heats up at Budds Creek

June 28, 2013

DSC_6838Saturday was a hot and humid day for the 2013 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, when it made its return to Budds Creek. Things heated up as quickly on the track as they did under the beating Maryland sun.

In the 250 Class, Wil Hahn made his return to racing after missing the first four rounds due to injury. Hahn jumped in to the racing mix from the drop of the gate, by taking the holeshot in Moto I and Moto II and finishing sixth and fifth respectfully. Eli Tomac grabbed a second place overall finish with a fifth in Moto I and an all out blitz from thirteenth to first place in Moto II. The series point leader Ken Roczen was feeling under the weather, but managed to salvage valuable points by raking in third and sixth place finishes to maintain a nine point series lead. Last year’s champion Blake Baggett showed he is back to 100% with a monstrous charge from behind to win Moto I, and fighting to the end of Moto II for second place;  giving him the overall win for the 250 Class.

DSC_9438Ryan Villopoto made his way from third to first in just the second turn of Moto I. Ryan Dungey wasn’t far behind Villopoto in second at the end of the first lap, and the two Ryans went on to gap the second place rider Mike Alessi by almost half a lap. Dungey rode on the edge trying to push Villopoto into a mistake, but before the end, Dungey found himself hitting the ground hard, and settling for second place.

Mike Alessi showed his starting speed to jump ahead of everyone in Moto II with Dungey just behind him. The first moto winner and series 450 Class points leader, Ryan Villopoto, found himself with nine riders between himself and the lead, and would have to charge hard to get back close to the front of the pack. After passing Alessi on the first lap Dungey laid down some of the quickest lap times of the day to pull a comfortable lead on the rest of the field. Before the halfway point of the race, Villopoto had made his way to second, but would not be able to close the 15 second gap that Dungey had accumulated. James Stewart, always a favorite at Budds Creek, would have a difficult day, as he crashed several times, while his younger brother Malcolm got his first 450 Class podium finish in Moto II. Dungey got the overall win with Villopoto and Trey Canard rounding out the top three for the day.

Local rider Tony Archer finished with an overall thirty second at his home track against a stacked 450 class. The Waldorf native has made the last two main events and continues to improve in his finishes.
Written by Glenn Mayor, Photos by Jason Rearick

DSC_8666450 Overall Results
1. Ryan Dungey 2-1 KTM
2. Ryan Villopoto 1-2 Kaw
3. Trey Canard 6-4 Hon
4. Malcolm Stewart 9-3 Hon
5. Justin Barcia 4-8 Hon
6. Justin Brayton 7-7 Yam
7. Broc Tickle 10-5 Suz
8. Jake Weimer 8-10 Kaw
9. Phil Nicoletti 15-6 Yam
10. Andrew Short 12-9 KTM
11. Mike Alessi 3-34 Suz
12. James Stewart 11-13 Suz
DSC_737313. Josh Grant 14-11 Yam
14. Chad Reed 13-12 Hon
15. Ryan Sipes 5-22 Suz
16. Les Smith 16-17 KTM
17. Ben LaMay 29-14 Yam
18. Vince Friese 38-15 KTM
19. Broc Schmelyun 17-20 Kaw
20. Fredrik Noren 22-16 Suz
21, Cole Thompson 24-18 Hon
22. Travis Sewell 18-37 Yam
23. Derek Anderson 28-19 Kaw
24. Nick Wey 19-33 Kaw
25. Mike Brown 20-32 KTM
26. AJ Catanzaro 25-21 Kaw
27. Heath Harrison 21-28 Kaw
28. Ronnie Stewart 27-24 Suz
DSC_802329. Jacob Hayes 23-27 Kaw
30. Chris Blose 32-23 Yam
31. Michael Sottile 31-26 Hon
32. Tony Archer 26-31 Kaw
33. Evgeny Mikhaylov 30-29 Suz
34. Austin Howell 40-25 Suz
35. Seth Rarick 36-30 KTM
36. Michael Bryne 33-36 KTM
37. Dustin Pipes 34-39 Suz
38. Robert Lind 39-35 Yam
39. Tevin Tapia 37-38 Suz
40. Tyla Rattray 35-40 Kaw

250 Overall Results
1. Blake Baggett 1-2 Kaw
2. Eil Tomac 5-1 Hon
3. Marvin Musquin 2-7 KTM
DSC_67964. Ken Roczen 3-6 KTM
5. Wil Hahn 6-5 Hon
6. Jason Anderson 4-11 Suz
7. Darryn Durham 13-3 Kaw
8. Kyle Cunningham 7-9 Yam
9. Zach Osborne 17-4 Hon
10. Justin Hill 10-10 Kaw
11. Jeremy Martin 9-12 Yam
12. Joey Savatgy 8-15 KTM
13. Cole Seely 11-13 Hon
14. Justin Bogle 19-8 Hon
15. Blake Wharton 15-14 Suz
16. Adam Cianciarulo 14-17 Kaw
17. Cooper Webb 12-26 Yam
18. Alex Martin 16-21 Yam
19. Dillan Epstein 39-16 Kaw
20. Kyle Peters 23-18 Hon
21. Brady Kiesel 18-35 Yam
22. Jesse Wentland 21-19 KTM
23. Ryan Zimmer 22-20 Hon
24. Mitchell Oldenburg 20-22 Hon
25. Jacob Baumert 26-24 Kaw
26. Jackson Richardson 29-23 Hon
27. Justin Starling 28-25 Hon
28. Levi Kilbarger 25-31 Hon
29. Jason Brooks 25-31 Kaw
30. Daniel Herrlein 24-36 Hon
31. Bryce Stewart 34-38 Yam
32. Steve Roman 33-30 Yam
33. Sean Hackley 35-29 KTM
34. Roland Beck 32-32 Kaw
35. Chad Gores 27-39 Hon
36. James Coen 36-33 Hon
37. Dakota Kessler 31-38 KTM
38. Mitchell Dougherty 37-34 Hon
39. Drew Gosselaar 40-37 Hon
40. Zack Freeberg 38-40 Hon