Dan Bongino on Policy Debates

November 30, 2013

The tendency to ignore evidence in policy debates and retreat to the false safety of Party politics is doing significant damage to the country.

Here’s what I mean; whenever I debate someone married to Party over principles, and I bring up President Obama’s historic levels of government spending, the standard response is, “Bush spent a lot of money too”. Yes, President Bush did spend a lot of money, but Obama’s smallest annual spending deficit is larger than Bush’s largest, so can we agree that this is not a partisan issue but a spending issue?

If we cannot get past allegiance to political labels over productive ideas then we will never solve problems and will be bickering and finger pointing at each other as we are slowly drowned in a sea of national red ink.

I bring this up because as we continue to present positive ideas to fix current problems, and prevent new ones, we continue to get attacked by some on both sides uncomfortable with breaking up establishment dynasties. Although I’m used to it, and it is an unfortunate part of politics, that doesn’t make it right. I am going to do my best to stay laser-focused on problem solving measures and fighting to break up the DC “Members-only party” being held at our expense.


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