Morgan Announces Run for House of Delegates

December 16, 2013

Matt MorganIn Maryland District 29A

Matt Morgan (R) announced that he will mount a rematch against John Wood (D) in the 2014 election for the Maryland House of Delegates district 29A. The 2010 election between the two was the closest margin for a state-level office in Maryland, separated by only 283 votes. The close election results are a testament to how popular Morgan’s message for fiscal responsibility and common sense solutions actually was.

After the 2010 election, Morgan remained active in state-level and local politics. He was appointed the MD Petitions chairperson for St. Mary’s county, and helped successfully gathered signatures to bring initiatives, such as In-State Tuition for Illegals, to the 2012 election ballot. In 2012, Morgan served as the St. Mary’s county coordinator for the Tony O’Donnell for Congress campaign.

Morgan stated “The problem, of reckless over-spending causing massive tax hikes, that prompted me to run in 2010, still exists and is even worse today. Our State Government is dragging Maryland in a direction that is unsustainable both economically and socially, from the never-ending tax hikes and deficit spending, to the gun-grab legislation and top-down approach of the common-core curriculum in education. We need people in state government that we can trust to speak out against bad legislation and that can make good decisions. We need a smarter government that works for us, not against us. We need people in state government that realize and respects that it is private-sector’s economic growth that drives the fiscal bottom line for government, not taxing working families.”

Morgan emphasizes the need to focus on job growth as a means to strengthen Maryland’s economy. “Here in St. Mary’s County, we are blessed to have so many engineers and high-skilled workers; we must capitalize on our technology corridor by incentivizing these companies to diversify beyond just defense contracting.” Morgan will also stand behind policies like requiring a 2/3 supermajority vote before taxes can be raised. Locally, Morgan will fight for transportation funding needed to fix the intersection at Golden
Beach Rd. and to make it safer to commute through Leonardtown on Route 5 South. Morgan also highlights a need for greater transparency stating “I want to limit back room deals by requiring cameras in all committee and floor hearings.”

As a political “outsider”, Morgan’s message is geared towards the working people and families of North St.Mary’s. “I am an independent, free thinking, regular working class guy. I have nothing to gain from this position personally, that puts me in a unique situation not to be beholden to any king-makers or special interest groups and allows me the freedom to make honest and good decisions that are truly representative of what the community wants.”

Matt Morgan was born and raised in Southern Maryland. He grew up on a tobacco farm outside of La Plata. Morgan graduated from McDonough High School in 1992 and has since earned various IT-related, business management, and real estate certifications. He has worked in various career fields – cost estimating construction project and IT network consultant. He moved into District 29A in 2001.

For the past twelve years he has worked as the Lead Technology Specialist at the College of Southern Maryland and as a Realtor® for O’Brien Realty. He is married and has two children.

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One Response to Morgan Announces Run for House of Delegates

  1. Eric on December 17, 2013 at 9:28 am

    Nothing will change Maryland unless we seceede from Maryland. You need to work on to seceede from Maryland then I will vote for you. Otherwise, you are more likely to be RINO as usually.