Two Letters with Differing Opinions on Candidate Sue Kullen for Delegate

April 5, 2014
Sue Kullen

Sue Kullen

Letter from Alicia Yowell

Sue Kullen is not a far left leaning Democrat as her opponents have tried desperately to portray her. I have known Sue for over 30 years and we have had many political conversations over the years. I would consider myself more on the liberal side and Sue tactfully will always provide a more moderate perspective during our conversations. I have found her views insightful and well thought out, sometimes difficult to argue against.

Sue always listens to both sides of an issue and tries to fairly develop a solution that addresses all concerns when possible. Sue listens to her constituents and is extremely passionate about education and the environment. This is the reason that Sue has been endorsed by the Maryland State Education Association, the Sierra Club, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters and the National Organization of Woman. Sue passed many bills during her six years in office. This demonstrates her ability to get along with people and pass common sense legislation for Calvert County. I could not find one bill that the current Delegate has passed. If this is an indicator of his effectiveness in office and his ability to get along with others then I do not want him representing me.
One of Sue’s bills that she worked on with the Maryland State Police was a Statewide Scrap Metal bill that resulted in a decrease in scrap metal thefts and increased solving a number of copper theft crimes.

Sue is a “no nonsense, get things done” legislator who listens to both Democrats and Republicans. I love the fact that she is hosting town hall meetings every week and asking everyone to discuss their needs and concerns for Calvert. She is dedicated to putting Calvert County needs first, not some far right ideology that her opponent is passionate about. It is time to have a legislator who truly represents all our concerns in Calvert again, Republican and Democrat alike.
Alicia Yowell
Port Republic


Letter from Bobby Gill

As a former small business owner in Calvert County, I’ve been researching the voting records of Calvert Delegates. Just as I thought, former Delegate Sue Kullen has one of the worst voting records concerning small businesses and job creation.
For years, businessmen and women have been under siege from Annapolis elites. In response to the poor business climate in Maryland, a group was established called the Maryland Business for Responsive Government (“MBRG”). MBRG began rating legislators on their voting records concerning issues facing the business community. The group seeks to inform Maryland’s businesses, elected officials, and the general public about the policies needed to foster economic development and job creation in Maryland.

The ratings provide great insight as to how a Legislator values the very people who create the jobs Marylanders need.
After serving two terms in the House of Delegates, Sue Kullen received a cumulative “F”. That’s “F” for “Failing” the business community!

That’s an “F” for voting against jobs.

Job creation and small business development should always be a priority, particularly during weak economic times. MBRG’s rating of “Failure” demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt that Kullen governed as a Far Left zealot. After all, didn’t she vote hundreds of times? At the very least, couldn’t she vote for a few bills that foster job creation to garner her at least a “C”?

The answer is simple: Kullen’s record in the House of Delegates caused great harm to Maryland’s economy and contributed to the exodus of job creators. There’s no greater example than this: During her tenure in the legislature Maryland had a net loss of 5.5 Billion dollars of taxable income. Families, retirees and businesses are leaving – and many more are making plans to leave.
Now, Kullen wants her job back. Her representation of Senator Ben Cardin, a far Left member of the United States Senate, is further proof that Kullen has not changed her ways. She’s just another O’Malley-Brown liberal.

Put simply, Kullen may live in Calvert, but her two-term voting record demonstrates that she stands with the far Left in Montgomery County. And – that voting record has caused great harm to the job creators of Maryland.
Bobby Gill

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2 Responses to Two Letters with Differing Opinions on Candidate Sue Kullen for Delegate

  1. ANONYMOUS3 on April 5, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    Kullen goose steps with Miller & Cheeseburger Michael Busch!

  2. Anonymous on April 6, 2014 at 8:15 am

    Get rid of her, all of them that sit in the house/senate fed or state, all of them must go!