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Welcome to Southern Maryland News Net – a revolutionary way of viewing the news at your desk, home, or on your smart phone. This modern news Web site is dedicated to delivering the finest, most current and most accurate Breaking News and Community News.

What makes Southern Maryland News Net different from all the rest?
Other news Web sites deliver news; some advertise “News Now” and more, but Southern Maryland News Net is different in that whenever humanly possible, it will deliver breaking news and live events around the area in REAL TIME and LIVE! This real time, live reporting will include photo and video images of news AS IT HAPPENS! News will be delivered not hours later, not the next day, but LIVE AS IT HAPPENS!

What’s more, readers will be able to interact with news in the same way as news is delivered – Live As it Happens! As breaking news and live events are being reported, they will also be simultaneously delivered on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media sites, making this revolutionary news reporting available anytime anywhere to anyone.

Welcome to Southern Maryland News Net – You’re just a click away from the extraordinary!

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