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Welcome to Southern Maryland News Net, your hometown source for local breaking news and community news!

Since our launch in September 2011, our goal has been to provide you with accurate and up-to-the-minute news, as close to real time as humanly possible. When we can, we provide video and pictures so you can also see the news as it happens. If news is happening now in Southern Maryland, we want you to know about it NOW, not hours or days later. You can even follow breaking news on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Our goal is to keep Southern Maryland’s citizens aware of what is happening in with their town, neighborhood, and government.

But Southern Maryland News Net isn’t just about breaking news and crime news. We’re also dedicated to the community, and we strive to support community organizations, charities, and small businesses. We report on local fundraisers, music and arts, community programs and events, and local small businesses and farmers. We also offer them economical advertising rates so they can reach our growing readership.

In just a few short years, Southern Maryland News Net has become the top online news resource for all of Southern Maryland. We reach an average 150,000 readers per month, and have more than 30,000 fans on Facebook. Last month we had more than 16 million ad impressions, with more than 6,800 ad clicks.

Southern Maryland News Net is growing fast, but one thing hasn’t changed: Our pledge to provide you with clear, well-researched, and fair reporting, no matter what the topic.