NASA Contractor is Maryland’s Newest Millionaire

January 13, 2017

Greenbelt woman wins $1 million top prize playing 100x the Cash game

One minute she was hungry, a Prince George’s County woman told Maryland Lottery officials, and the next minute she couldn’t imagine eating a bite. That was her reaction to discovering a $1 million scratch-off prize while waiting for her order at a restaurant.

“I scratched my 100x The Cash ticket there at the table with my friends,” said the Upper Marlboro resident. “I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When I passed it around, my co-workers started screaming!”

The 59-year-old NASA contractor is a daily scratch-off player who prefers playing $5 and $10 instant tickets. She’ll occasionally splurge for a $20 game. “I always pick out a $20 ticket on payday, just as a treat,” she said. “This time, it was 100x The Cash.”

Leaving the raucous scene at the restaurant behind, Maryland’s newest millionaire called her boyfriend with the news. “He plays scratch-offs, too,” she said. “I wanted him to look at the ticket … just to be sure.” Within the hour, the couple was driving to Lottery headquarters to claim her prize. “I don’t know whether it was the excitement or nerves, but I broke out in hives in the car.”

The lucky winner, who is already well into the process of buying a house, said her Lottery luck will make upcoming decisions much easier. “Finding my dream house can now become a reality.”

Her winning scratch-off hailed from the Old Greenbelt BP at 20 Southway in Greenbelt. For selling the lucky top-prize instant ticket, the Prince George’s County retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

This is the first $1 million top-prize winner in the 100x The Cash game, which went on sale in late November. Five more top prizes remain, along with eight unclaimed $50,000 prizes and thousands of other prizes ranging from $20 to $10,000.