Troopers Investigate Shooting At Vehicle on Route 301 In Prince George’s County

January 17, 2017

Maryland State Police and area law enforcement are on the lookout for a suspect vehicle and suspect who is believed to have fired a shot at a truck tractor on Route 301 in Prince George’s County on January 16, 2017.

A Baltimore County man was the victim of the assault. He was uninjured in the shooting. The victim was driving a white truck tractor and towing a white trailer, which was struck by apparent gunfire.

The suspect vehicle is described as a clean black Dodge Charger with a Maryland War of 1812 license plate with the last four digits 6029 in the second half of the license plate. The victim advised police the shooting may have occurred between Leeland Road and Beech Tree Parkway on southbound Route 301 in Upper Marlboro.

The suspect in the Dodge Charger is described only as a light-skinned African American male with short hair. He was wearing a thin gray hooded sweatshirt at the time of the alleged shooting.

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. on January 16, 2017, Maryland State Police at the Forestville Barrack received a 9-1-1 call from the victim with the report of the shooting. He told police he was traveling southbound on Route 301 when the black Dodge Charger exited from eastbound Route 214/Central Avenue in Bowie, about three miles from where the shooting took place. The Charger entered the right lane in front of the victim’s vehicle without using a signal.

The victim said he flashed his headlights at the Charger, which then moved into the left lane, again without signaling. As they both continued traveling southbound on Route 301, the driver of the Charger slowed down to approximately 40 mph before speeding back up to move in front of the truck and into the right lane again. The victim told police he blew the horn and the Charger subsequently moved back into the left lane, slowing down so that both vehicles were traveling side by side.

The victim then told police he witnessed the suspect lean across his passenger seat to grab a black revolver that appeared to have a very short barrel. The suspect then allegedly fired a shot at the victim and made a U-turn at Beech Tree Parkway, heading northbound on Route 301. The victim immediately called police and met with troopers at a nearby gas station in Upper Marlboro to provide information about the suspect. An immediate lookout for the suspect vehicle was issued to law enforcement in the area.

An examination of the victims’ truck tractor showed it had been struck by apparent gunfire. Troopers returned to the scene of the shooting on Rt. 301 to collect evidence and are working with area businesses along the route of travel that may have surveillance footage of the roadway.

State Police investigators from the Criminal Enforcement Division, Central South Region issued a lookout to law enforcement in the region. Anyone who may have been traveling southbound on Rt. 301 in the area of Route 214/Central Avenue to Beech Tree Parkway about 9:15 p.m. last night, or who may have information about the suspect vehicle, is urged to contact Corporal Patrick Lane at the Maryland State Police Forestville Barrack at 301-568-8101. Calls may be kept confidential.