UPDATE: Lusby Teen Shot Dealer Over Three Grams of Marijuana

January 23, 2017

The victim stated he was selling a black male who identified himself as Justin, three grams of marijuana.

Daquan Edward Holloway, 16, of Lusby, has been charged as an adult with Attempted 1st Degree Murder

Daquan Edward Holloway, 16, of Lusby, has been charged as an adult with Attempted 1st Degree Murder

On January 13, 2017 Deputies of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to Calvert Town Road and Calvert Town Drive, in Prince Frederick for the report of a shooting.

Upon arrival, a male victim was located. He was found to be suffering from a single gunshot wound to his upper chest. The victim was identified as a 20-year-old black male from Prince Frederick

The victim was flown to the Baltimore shock trauma center by the Maryland State Police.

Located in the crime scene was an apple I phone that was active as twitter feeds were seen posting and a single 40 caliber spent shell casing and US currency.

Detective Rector from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office interviewed the victim at the hospital and learned that the suspect had contacted the victim on his mobile device prior to the shooting/robbery.

The victim said that the number was not one that he recognized or had saved in his phone as a contact. The victim indicated that the suspect number would be in his recent call log and contain “53”. Detective Jernigan reviewed the victim’s phone and located chat conversations between the victim and the phone number with the 53 in it.  The chat log discussed meeting in Calvert Towne so the victim could sell the unknown party marijuana. The unknown party identified himself as “Justin” and stated that he got the victim’s number from someone named “Vick”. Just prior to the shooting the victim and the unknown party exchanged messages indicating that the unknown party had arrived in the neighborhood to make the purchase. The victim stated he was selling a black male who identified himself as Justin, three grams of marijuana. The victim stated he met the male who punched him and took the marijuana without paying. He then stated he pursed the male on foot towards Calvert Town Road, and that the male turned around and shot him in the chest with a handgun. He was only able to describe the suspect as a dark skinned black male. A single 40 caliber shell casing was recovered on the crime scene where the shooting took place.

Detective Jernigan recovered an Apple Phone at the scene of the shooting and called 911 with it so dispatchers could relay the phone number associated with the phone. Dispatchers answered and advised police of the phone number. The device was then secured in a container to block any incoming or outgoing signal to the device until further analysis can be conducted.

On January 18, 2017, members of Calvert Investigative Bureau executed numerous search and seizure and arrest warrants pertaining to a separate armed robbery. Four males were arrested for being involved in the armed robbery, one of whom was Isaiah Jones.

While speaking to Jones it was learned that “Quan” was the male who committed the robbery and shooting. Jones stated that he spoke to “Quan” on the phone and “Quan” stated he had shot the victim because the robbery “got out of hand”.

Det. Jernigan conducted a forensic analysis of Jones’ phone and located a contact identified in the device as “Quan”, with a connected email Gmail address. There was also an associated twitter account of @quannn_RG. The twitter account was reviewed and the user photograph was identified by Cpl. Libby as Daquan Edward Holloway, 16, of Lusby. Holloway is known to Cpl. Libby through interactions at school and prior juvenile incidents.

On January 18, 2017 Daquan Edward Holloway was arrested while at Patuxent High School and transported to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office. Holloway was advised of his Miranda warning and he invoked his right to counsel.

On January 18, 2017 Detective Cameron responded to Holloway’s residence located on Sitting Bull Trail, in Lusby, to set up surveillance. While at the residence Det. Cameron observed, a female leave the residence with a brown bag that she tossed in the back seat. The vehicle was stopped by members of the sheriff’s Office who made contact with the driver Eurako Mackall, who is Daquan Holloway’s mother.

Upon making contact with Ms. Mackall, she stated I know why you stopped me, it’s for the gun in the backseat. At that time law enforcement secured the vehicle pending a search warrant.

Search warrants were executed on the vehicle driven by Eurako Mackall and the residence on Sitting Bull Trail, in Lusby. A BB gun was found in the rear seat of the vehicle.

Ms. Mackall was believed to have been tipped off that her son was arrested and a suspect in the shooting. Mackall advised that it was just coincidental that she moved the BB gun which she previously found in her son’s room.

Discovered during the search of Holloway’s on Sitting Bull Trail, in Lusby was several handgun magazines for a 40 caliber handgun, 40 caliber ammunition and gun boxes.

Daquan Edward Holloway, a juvenile, has been charged as an adult with Attempted 1st Degree Murder, Armed Robbery, Assault-First Degree, and Firearm use/fel-violent crime.

Anyone with any additional information should contact Detective Mudd at 410-535-2800.