Maryland State Police Trooper Rescues Injured Eagle

April 12, 2017

A Maryland state troopers never knows who or what they may encounter during a shift, but they are always ready to help.

This past Friday, Cpl. Justin Zimmerman, of the Maryland State Police Crash Team, saw something in the road ahead as he traveled south on Route 301 in Charles County As he approached, he could see it was an injured bald eagle.

Cpl. Zimmerman stopped and blocked the lane of traffic the eagle was in. A Charles County Sheriff’s Office Deputy assisted with diverting traffic around the scene. A woman from Virginia, certified to work with injured animals, stopped to help.

Cpl. Zimmerman retrieved a blanket from his patrol car and carefully wrapped the eagle, who appeared to have a broken wing and injured talons. The eagle’s injuries were apparently sustained when it was struck by an unknown vehicle that did not stop.

The injured eagle was turned over to the experts at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for treatment.

The Maryland State Police hope this majestic bird will soon soaring again over beautiful Southern Maryland.