Early Childhood Celebrated by Commissioners

April 26, 2017

Early Childhood Celebrated by Commissioners Leonardtown, MD – The St. Mary’s County Department of Aging & Human Services, the Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) and other local organizations, joined the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County and the National Association for the Education of Young Children to celebrate the Week of the Young Child.

The organizations work to improve early learning opportunities, which are crucial to the growth and development of young children and to building better futures for everyone.

“All young children and their families across the country and St. Mary’s County deserve access to high-quality early education and care,” said Commissioner Tom Jarboe (1 st District).

The proclamation recognizes and supports people, parents, programs and policies which are committed to high-quality early childhood education as the right choice for kids. Commissioners hope the Week of the Young Child in St. Mary’s County activities encourages citizens to work to make a good investment in early childhood.