Kitten Thrown From Car? – Sheriff’s Office Investigating Animal Cruelty Case

May 25, 2017

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office  is investigating a reported incident where a complainant saw a social media post circulating on Facebook describing an incident that took place on May 19 near La Quinta Inn in California.

According to the post, an individual witnessed a subject causing harm to a kitten.

The case is being investigated by Cpl. J. Kirkner.

The following was posted on Facebook on May 19, 2017 at 3:30 p.m.:

I just witnessed the grossest display of human atrocities ive ever personally seen. As I made my way off base right beside the La quinta, A man tossed from the passenger side window of a red GT Shelby Cobra with white racing stripes, fa kitten from the car into on coming traffic, hit the windshield of a car (to which didnt stop) then run over by the car infront of me. Noone stopped as this poor kitten struggled to try and hop its way from harm, besides me and a person in the parkinglot rushed into traffic with me to tend to the kitten. Its Right front leg was hanging by a thread of flesh, and it was bleeding from the mouth and nose. Luckily the woman who was with me was a vet and said she’d rush him to her local vet clinic. IF YOU SEE A BRAND NEW GT SHELBY COBRA, RED WITH WHITE RACING STRIPES, WRITE DOWN ITS LICENSE PLATE AND REPORT THEM TO THE AUTHORITIES FOR NEGLIGENT DRIVING, ENDANGERING DRIVERS, AND MOST OF ALL ANIMAL CRUELTY! I cannot express the anger and grief i have at this moment. I am extremely disheartened and upset. I hope that kitten will pull through.