News Report of Stabbing in Patuxent Homes Subdivision is FALSE

June 19, 2017

Another online newspaper is reporting that a stabbing had been reported on Friday on North Essex Drive in the area of Hancock Road, in Lexington Park.

They then updated the article to say that “Police and EMT are on the scene with a 25 year old male with stab wounds in the face area. More updates as they develop.”

As of 8:15 a.m., Monday morning they were still running the article as “news”.

SMNEWSNET was contacted by numerous people over the weekend, asking why we were not reporting the incident.

It never happened, there was no stabbing, SMNEWSNET contacted the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and was told there was no stabbing and no assault.

A male fell in a front yard and sustained injuries to his face.