Calvert County Dog Parks Temporarily Closed to Prevent the Spread of K-9 Disease

August 8, 2017

The Calvert County Department of Parks and Recreation announces that it is temporarily closing its two dog parks effective immediately to mitigate the spread of a reported K-9 disease within the county. Department officials were notified Friday of the presence of Mycoplasma cynos within Calvert County.

Mycoplasma cynos is a contagious infection in dogs that shows symptoms similar to kennel cough but is not covered by the Bordetella vaccine.

“The county is closing the dog parks as a precaution,” said Department of Parks and Recreation Director Shannon Q. Nazzal. “We are working closely with the local veterinary community to understand what is required to mitigate the spread of this infection in our dog parks and reopen them as soon as possible.”

The two dog parks maintained by Calvert County are the Dunkirk Dog Park, located at 10750 Southern Maryland Blvd. in Dunkirk, and Gray’s Dog Park located at 2695 Grays Road in Prince Frederick. For additional information, call 410-535-1600 ext. 2649.