Maryland Lottery and Casinos Break Multiple All-Time Records in Fiscal Year 2017

August 9, 2017

Record-setting total of $1.117 billion contributed to the state

Maryland Lottery and Gaming today announced numerous record-breaking figures for Fiscal Year 2017. The Maryland Lottery set new all-time marks for total sales, prizes to players, retailer commissions and instant ticket (scratch-off) sales. Meanwhile, the opening of the state’s sixth casino predictably spurred record casino gaming revenues.

For the second consecutive year, combined Lottery and casino gaming contributions to the State of Maryland established a new high of $1.117 billion and for the first time ever, casino contributions exceeded Lottery profits – $592.0 million from casinos and $524.9 million from the Lottery. The total represents a 3.5% increase from the previous record of $1.079 billion in FY2016.

The Lottery’s sales for FY2017 (July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017) were $1.935 billion, beating the previous mark of $1.908 billion in FY2016 by 1.4%. Meanwhile, the state’s casinos set a new record of $1.421 billion for gross gaming revenues, aided by the December 8, 2016, opening of MGM National Harbor.

“We anticipated that casino revenues would reach new heights, and the fact that the Lottery set records in the same year is fantastic,” said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director Gordon Medenica. “We’re confident that Lottery sales will remain robust and that casino revenues will continue to grow.”

Maryland Lottery and Gaming is the fourth-largest contributor to the state, with profits supporting Maryland’s good causes, including the Maryland Education Trust Fund (ETF); public health and safety; small, minority and women-owned business; horse racing, veterans’ organizations and more.

Casino Gaming

The FY2017 gross gaming revenue total of $1.421 billion beat last year’s figure by $277.0 million (24.2%). Casino revenue contributed $451.2 million to the Maryland Education Trust Fund (ETF), an increase of $48.7 million (12.1%) from FY2016. The ETF supports early childhood education, public elementary and secondary education, public school construction and capital improvement projects. Since the state’s first casino opened in 2010, more than $1.9 billion has gone to the ETF.

FY2017 casino revenue was also distributed to the following beneficiaries:

  • Local aid: $65.0 million, divided between local impact grants and local jurisdictions.
  • Maryland’s horse racing industry: $63.0 million, divided between the Racetrack Facility Renewal and Horse Racing Purse Dedication accounts.
  • Small-, minority- and women-owned businesses: $12.9 million.
  • Responsible gaming: $4.6 million.

With the opening of MGM National Harbor, employment at the state’s six casinos surged to more than 7,700 during FY2017, including more than 6,200 full-time employees.


The Lottery’s record-breaking year benefitted players and retailers alike. Prizes paid to players set an all-time record of $1.197 billion, a 5.4% increase from the previous record of $1.135 billion in FY2016. The Lottery gave away an average of nearly $3.28 million a day in prizes to players during FY2017.

Retailers earned an all-time high of $145.9 million from sales commissions, a (3.4%) increase from the previous record of $141.2 million set in FY2016.

For the third consecutive year, sales of instant tickets set an all-time record, totaling $676.8 million, a 10.7% increase from the previous high of $611.3 million set in FY2016.  Instant ticket sales have increased at double-digit rates for three consecutive years.

“Growing instant ticket sales has been one of the Lottery’s top priorities,” Medenica said. “We’re enthusiastic about the direction we’re headed, and we believe there is still untapped revenue potential with scratch-offs.”

Total Lottery profits, however, fell to $524.9 million due to two factors: the year-over-year decline in Powerball play after the January 2016 record $1.6 billion jackpot; and an unusually lucky year for players of Pick 4, which saw a decrease of $35.0 million in profits.