UPDATE: Women and Children Said to Be Involved in Fight that Killed 29-Year-Old Calvert Man

September 13, 2017
Lamarr Jefferson and Jamarr Jefferson, 27

Lamarr Jefferson and Jamarr Jefferson, 27

UPDATE 9/13/2017 @ 4:15 p.m.: On Monday, September 10, 2017, Deputy Gott of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to Ropeknot Road, in Lusby for the report of an assault and stabbing.

Upon arrival he discovered two victims. Deputy Gott discovered the incident occurred at the address of 11523 Rope knot Road, Lusby

Jovante Darnell Willett and Devaughn Savoy were found suffering from stab wounds. Medical aid was rendered and the two were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Willett was flown to Prince George’s Shock Trauma for treatment and is in critical condition. Willett was reported to have two stab wounds and a punctured lung.

Devaughn Savoy was transported by ambulance to Calvert Memorial Hospital where he died of his wounds.

Jovante Darnell Willett and Mr. Devaughn Savoy both reside at 11523 Rope knot Road, in Lusby

An Investigator from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and subsequently responded to the scene. Upon arrival a scene survey was conducted, a several items of blood evidence were seen in the driveway. A bloody silver folding knife was laying the driveway. A white Chevy Tahoe SUV was seen in the driveway. The SUV had blood on the exterior of the vehicle.

Jamarr Jefferson, 27, of chesapeake beach

Jamarr Jefferson, 27, of chesapeake beach

Witnesses on the scene advised that during the altercation one gunshot was heard. During the scene survey the wadding from a shotgun shell was seen at the end of the driveway. A witness advised they observed a male known as Darrell Savoy place what they believed to be a shotgun inside of the white Tahoe. They also witnessed Darrell Savoy throw what they believed to be a spent shotgun shell into the woods to the right of the residence.

Police contacted Darrell Savoy the owner of the home, and Savoy stated on the afternoon of September 10, 2017 he was on his phone when three vehicles arrived at his home. Savoy described two of the vehicles as SUV’s and one as a sedan. He stated over a dozen men women and children exited the vehicles, and a physical altercation occurred. Darrell Savoy stated a physical fight occurred between the two groups. He stated he was punched in the head. He later discovered Jovante Darnell Willett and his brother Devaughn Savoy had been stabbed.

Sgt. Bortchevsky responded to Calvert Memorial Hospital where he gathered information as to the death of Mr. Devaughn Savoy. It is known from speaking with medical staff that Devaughn Savoy died as a result of being stabbed with a cutting instrument. An Autopsy is pending.

Detective Rector responded to Prince Georges County Shock Trauma center where he was able to speak to Jovante Darnell Willett. Detective Rector made contact with Javonte Darnell Willett. Willett was receiving medical attention for two stab wounds. The first stab wound is located just to the side of his spinal column and the second stab wound is located in the lower portion of his back. Willett stated that “Lamarr Jefferson is involved.” Willett said that he and the other victim are “Muslim Brothers.” He stated that Davon and Darrell Savoy were in constant communication with the suspects by phone and the phone calls became threatening as the day went on. Willett stated that he went outside and saw 12-15 persons fighting. He stated that he saw Lamarr Jefferson and his “twin brother” there. He did not know
that they were stabbing anyone because they had their knives covered with towels.

Lamarr Jefferson, 27, of chesapeake beach

Lamarr Jefferson, 27, of chesapeake beach

An Investigator conducted an interview with Jovante Darnell Willett at the Prince Georges County Shock Trauma Center.

Willett was advised of the death of Devaughn Savoy. He was asked for details as to the events that led to him being stabbed, and the murder of his friend Devaughn Savoy. He indicated the stabbings were done by the “twins”, who he identified as Lamarr and Jamarr Jefferson. He advised of an earlier conversation between Darrell Savoy and Jamar via text message and phone calls. He stated that Jamarr advised he wanted to come talk to the Savoy brothers to settle the disagreement. He stated later in the day he observed two SUV’s arrive at the house which he stated contained several people. He was able to recall children being in the group. He named several in the group.

Willett said as the fight began a female threw the first punch and struck Devaughn Savoy. He stated that Lamarr and Jamarr Jefferson were jumping Devaughn Savoy. He stated he heard Devaughn Savoy yell out he had been stabbed. Willett stated he intervened and had his back to the Jefferson brothers. Willett then realized he had been stabbed. Willett turned around to see Lamarr and Jamarr Jefferson. Willett stated he ran in the house to get something to place on his wound. As he returned, he saw Lamarr and Jamarr fleeing the scene as well as the group of women and children. He stated Lamarr and Jamarr were operating a green SUV, which he described as Lamarrs truck. He stated the women and children were in a red SUV. He confirmed that Devaughn Savoy shot at the two vehicles as they were fleeing the scene. Willett advised he did not see the actual stabbing of Devaughn Savoy. Willett knew from his observations that Devaughn Savoy was being “jumped” by Lamarr and Jamarr Jefferson and was stabbed in the altercation. He advised as he was assisting Devaughn Savoy who was being jumped by Lamarr and Jamarr Jefferson when he also was stabbed. He was positive that Lamarr or Jarnarr Jefferson did the stabbings.

Willett stated that he believed they were tricked by the Jefferson Brothers. He stated that Lamarr had a knife but when he was asked if he was positive Willett stated “one of them had a knife”. Willett stated that Jamarr always carries a knife.

Willett described Lamarr Jefferson to have dreadlocks and star tattoos on his ears and chin. He described Jamarr Jefferson to have a Maryland symbol tattooed on his forehead between his eyes.

Lamarr Jefferson and Jamarr Jefferson were both charged with Assault First Degree, Assault Second Degree and Murder.

9/13/2017: On Sunday September 10, 2017 deputies from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to 11523 Ropeknot Road in Lusby for the report of a stabbing.

Patrol units determined numerous people had been engaged in an altercation.  It was quickly learned that two people were stabbed and critically injured.  Deputies immediately began life saving measures.  However, Devaughn Savoy, 29, was transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Javonte Willett, 26, was transported to Prince George’s Hospital Center where he underwent emergency surgery as a result of his stab wounds.  He is currently in stable condition.  Detectives worked diligently investigating every lead.  Several search warrants were executed and two suspects were developed.

The suspects were identified as twin brothers Lamarr Jefferson and Jamarr Jefferson, 27.

Warrants were obtained for the two suspects and an extensive search for them was initiated.

On Tuesday, September12, 2017 approximately 1:45 a.m. Lamarr Jefferson was located with the assistance of the St. Mary’s County Emergency Services Team in California, Maryland. He was arrested without incident.

Calvert Detectives located Jamarr Jefferson at a residence on Rousby Hall Road, Lusby.  A short time later Jamarr was apprehended during a traffic stop conducted by the Calvert County Special Operations Team.  He was also arrested without incident.

They were both charged with Murder and Assault.

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with any information to please contact Det. Wells at 410-535-2800 X2595 or email Det. Wells at [email protected].  You can also contact the Calvert County Crime Solvers at 410-535-2880.

Lamarr Jefferson, 27

Jamarr Jefferson, 27