La Plata Man Crashes Stolen SUV, Arrested on Gun and Theft Charges

September 13, 2017
Kemonte Michi Fleet, 18, of La Plata

Kemonte Michi Fleet, 18, of La Plata

On July 28, 2017, at approximately 4:15 a.m., Deputy Nauman from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office observed two vehicles make a U-Turn in the area of Berry Road and Middletown Road, in Waldorf, and continue east bound on Berry Road.

While following the two vehicles, police saw the second vehicle had their flashing hazard lights on following the lead vehicle which was a Sports Utility Vehicle. Police paced the vehicles at and estimated their speed at 70 MPH in a posted 50 MPH zone.

Deputy Nauman activated his emergency equipment to perform a traffic stop on both vehicles. The second vehicle stopped and identified himself as an off-duty police officer. The lead vehicle (Sport Utility Vehicle) accelerated onto Greenwood Drive in an attempt to flee from the scene. As the vehicle began to flee police observed the vehicle cross Berry Road onto Greenwood Drive failing to yield to oncoming traffic, this caused a vehicle who had the right of way to come to stop and avoid hitting the fleeing vehicle. As police pursued the vehicle onto Greenwood Drive with their emergency lights and siren, a top speed of 52 MH was reached in a residential neighborhood and the fleeing vehicle was still creating distance. The fleeing vehicle turned right onto Water Hickory Court making a wide turn going off the road to the left, then crossed the road again going off the road to the right where the fleeing vehicle crashed into a tree in the yard on Water Hickory Court, Waldorf, Maryland 20603. By doing so he also made contact with a home owners vehicle at this address causing damage.

The driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the crash, and police located 3 occupants in the vehicle and ordered them to show their hands, in which they were compliant. All three occupants were placed into handcuffs and detained. While placing the occupants in handcuffs, police noticed a black handgun on the driver’s floorboard of the vehicle. Police recovered the handgun and identified it as a Springfield XDS 9mm handgun with 8 rounds in the magazine. A wanted check of the handgun came back as not registered through communications. The handgun was later identified as the owner of the vehicle’s property which had a total estimated value of $300.00.

The occupants were identified as Kirah Adney (front seat passenger), Maira Gonzalez (back left seat) and Jasmine Toplyn (back right seat).

As the investigation continued, police learned the Cadillac SUV was the striking vehicle in an earlier  hit and run accident and was fleeing from the scene.

Police made contact with the owner of the Cadillac SUV, who was unaware his vehicle was missing. The owner advised he parked the Cadillac at Edelen Place Station, in Laplata.

The owner advised he did not give permission for anyone to have it and it was stolen. He advised the value of his vehicle is $25,000.

When police asked, Toplyn, Adney, and Gonzalez who the driver of the vehicle was, they said it was “mont” or “monte” and said he lives in the residential neighborhood known as ”The Meadows” or Phoenix Run, located in La plata.

Also during the investigation a gold apple iPhone was recovered from the vehicle. On the screen lock of this phone was a photograph of a black male wearing a red shirt, jeans, in a kneeling position, with medium hair length and was blowing smoke out of his mouth.

Police were able to identify the driver of the fleeing vehicle as Kemonte Michi Fleet, 18, of La Plata.

A police investigation has revealed Fleet struck a vehicle, attempted to flee by running from police and then was involved in another accident in the same vehicle and fled from that accident.

Kemonte Michi Fleet, 18, of La Plata was charged with possession of firearm, handgun in vehicle, theft: $10,000 to $100,000, motor vehicle/unlawful taking, Malicious destruction of property under $1,000, possession of a stolen firearm, theft: less $1,000 value, handgun on person and possessing a firearm used in a felony/violent crime.

Fleet was also issued 16 traffic citations.

Kemonte Michi Fleet, 18, of La Plata

Kemonte Michi Fleet, 18, of La Plata