Mechanicsville Man Arrested on Gun Charges, Threatens to Kill Police

September 21, 2017
Michael Thompson, 21, of Mechanicsville

Michael Thompson, 21, of Mechanicsville

On Wednesday, September 13, 2017, Deputy Smith, from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of Golden Beach Road, and Beach Drive, in Mechanicsville.

Police were responding to a 911 call reporting a subject armed with a handgun and selling unknown drugs. The caller advised the suspect was a male and wearing a red shirt and khaki pants, and had a “glock” style handgun concealed in his waistband.

Police located a man, in a red shirt walking on Golden Beach Road, as they approached the man, and activated their emergency equipment, the man began to run in a full sprint on Beach Drive

Police made contact with the man, identified as, Michael Thompson, 21, of Mechanicsville, on Beach Drive.

According to court documents, Thompson made an abrupt reach with both hands to his back at his waistband. Fearing Thompson was reaching for the gun described by the anonymous caller Deputy Smith drew his agency issued handgun and pointed it at Thompson. The Deputy gave several loud verbal commands for the Thompson to show his hands, to which Thompson told him to “f##k off”. After several commands Thompson was lying on the ground with his hands out. After nearly every command police gave Thompson, he replied with “f##k you” “f##k off’ or some derivative of the same. After being taken into custody, Thompson told police we were not going to find the gun or drugs, these statements were made prior to any officer being able to tell Thompson why they were there.

Once Thompson secured in a police car, he made several statements that he was going to shoot Deputy Smith in the head and that he knew where he lived and made numerous threats that he would kill Smith and other police officers that were present.

Thompson repeatedly kicked the rear passenger side door of a police car, causing it to become damaged. After Thompson refused to stop kicking the door of the police vehicle he was moved into a car with reinforced windows, after a short time in that vehicle Thompson began kicking the door or that vehicle, causing it to bulge out with visible damage.

While in the second vehicle Thompson was read his Miranda rights and waived them, agreeing to speak to officers. When asked about the gun, Thompson advised that if officers would drop the charges and let him out of the vehicle he would take them to his “gun and coke”. Once officers explained that they could not make such promises, Thompson again stated officers would not find the gun or drugs, and that he would come back when he was released and kill the officers with the gun when he recovered it.

Police asked Thompson how he would feel if a young child located the drugs or gun and were to kill themselves or another person and Thompson stated, “I hope that bullet goes right through their heart” and again told officers to f##k themselves.

Thompson was eventually moved to a St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center transport van where Thompson refused to move his feet and prevented officers from closing the door of the rear of the van. Eventually Thompson was secured inside of the van and taken to the Detention Center.

States attorney Dan White was contacted and informed of all the events and instructed officers to charge Thompson with handgun on a person along with disorderly conduct and property destruction.

Michael Thompson, 21, of Mechanicsville

Michael Thompson, 21, of Mechanicsville